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Why BSNL Broadband Plan 1199 is Popular? 14 Good Reasons

BSNL Broadband Plan Unlimited 1199, is the talk of the day since this September 2016. Among all the telecom players, BSNL being a PSU till it is gaining positive outlook very much by offering very competitive plans with the best QoS. BSNL broadband plan 1199 is the best program available because it addresses most common requirements of every household.

BSNL Executive Officer(JTO) Shri Bandhan Preet Singh, who is working at Chandigarh Secondary Switching Area of BSNL in Punjab Telecom Circle, finds the following compelling reasons regarding the popularity of BSNL’s Broadband Combo Plan 1199 and how this unlimited broadband plan 1199 is absolutely a hit of this quarter from BSNL.
BSNL broadband plan 1199 popular
In general, all the metros and class A cities have more service providers who are offering services. But for class B or even remote there will be very limited players with Bandwidth sharing and destitute Quality of Service. As on date, Phone connection is mainly for data rather than voice, and coming days are only aiming for the data revolution. To provide the best internet services, PSU introduces this best unlimited BSNL Broadband Plan 1199 in addition to already available list of BSNL Internet Plans.

14 Good Reasons every internet user must know about the 1199 broadband plan

  1. This plan is having all in one package sort of thing. Being this PAN-India plan, its is available to all pockets of India.
  2. For this scheme, voice calls of Local and STD are also free in Intra and Inter Networks anywhere in India.
  3. In this BSNL broadband plan (BBG Combo ULD 1199), unlimited internet speed is at 2 Mbps Flat for the whole month.
  4. No FUP (Fair Usage Policy) Limit on the Download / Upload.
  5. No Pop-ups for Higher Speed Restoration.
  6. Furthermore, for Govt. Employee (Retired / Working), there is extra five percent discount per month on Fixed monthly charges (FMC).
  7. This 1199 unlimited plan is applicable for every home (household and business) users in India.
  8. 100% Cash back offer for Wi-Fi ADSL Modem worth Rs 1500/- i.e., So Modem is free(If any person takes plan more than Rs.700 p.m. first then only Modem cashback applicable).
  9. Along with it, the user provides Static IP Address on request.
  10. No Extra Landline Rent, i.e., it’s a Combo Plan.
  11. No Need to wait for Night / Sunday for Free Calling.
  12. Awesome!! Annual Payment Options available i.e. Pay Once Pay Less and Enjoy More.
  13. No PAN India Operator is giving minimum 2 Mbps Speed whole month. Affordable Price that suits Maximum Subscribers in India to enjoy total free voice and unlimited internet.
  14. Last but not the least, Installation Charges are Free for New Users up to 31st December 16.
    (If a User takes Experience Unlimited BB249 Combo Plan first and after activation Change Plan to 1199 combo. Simple Isn't !!
    Note: The above Broadband plan shall also be available on FTTH with same tariff.)
With all the above simple and fantastic reasons said by Bandhan Preet Singh. Every new customer and existing users can undoubtedly subscribe for new unlimited internet BSNL Broadband Plan 1199. Enjoy unlimited internet and unlimited free call to any network across India at Free of cost available during day and night available with only BSNL Broadband Plan 1199.
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  1. Please provide a link for migrating to this ULD 1199 plan through your communication itself please.

  2. Upload speed is limited to some 50 KBps which significantly reduces download speed when uploading.

  3. Very nice plan and very good response from subscribers also....

  4. can i get this plan for existing land line and how much to pay

  5. How to upgrade online the existing plan to 1199

  6. I changed to this plan the moment I head of it. Changing to this plan is simple. Log into the bsnl online portal and change your plan right there. Change takes place within 2 days. You could also give a written letter a the nearest bsnl exchange asking for a change.

    What I like about this plan:
    *I use at least 300GB a month. With my previous plan (ULD 1445) even if I had 4Mbps it would get slower after 40GB. For the rest of the 260GB I'd have only 1MBPS. I would rather have 2Mbps ublimited as it suits my needs better than 4Mbps.Even if I get something like ACT Fiber, after 100GB I will get only 512Kbpsfor the next 200GB (Pathetic speed for 2016)
    *My bill has reduced a lot. Before 1445 internet+2000 phonecalls. Now it is 1400 for both included unlimited.
    *I am actually getting 2.5-3Mbps it doesnt go lower than 2.5 I am easily able to stream 720P video with no buffering.

  7. Unfortunately, I can see my download speed get reduced to 1.1Mbps after 15 days of usage (40-60GB not sure how much) with this plan.

    How can you be sure that there is no FUP ? I am sure FUP is just higher (may be 50GB) in this 1199 plan.

    On first day I used to get 2Mbps speed, signal strength should not be a problem (exchange is <0.5 KM away).

    1. I'm very sure there is no FUP after even 300 GB @2Mbps. Also, if there was an FUP you would get a notice asking you to restart your router. Make sure you dont have your phone or someone elses phone auto updating apps and sucking up bandwitdh :)