Last updated: 10 December 2016
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BSNL Welcome Offer with Free 3G Net - New Release

BSNL Welcome Offer released for mobile customers to taste up a new experience on Mobile data network at high speeds. To promote the high-speed data usage among BSNL’s new mobile subscribers, PAN India Telecom giant introduced a new promotional scheme as BSNL Welcome Offer.

This new scheme is applicable for all new customers on PAN India basis for each new subscription of any type of BSNL Prepaid Mobile Connection. In this new BSNL Welcome offer, there is no spend cap limit on high-speed free net usage. But the free 3G data is to be used in first 30 days from the date of activation of new prepaid connection.
 BSNL Welcome Offer
In this new prepaid scheme, BSNL offers 300MB for each new connection. Previously, BSNL provided 50MB free data for each new connection, but now due to massive data consumption of the users. BSNL has now increased the Welcome Offer limit to 300MB. This BSNL Welcome Offer free 3G data hasn't clubbed with any BSNL 3G Net Packs already available.

BSNL also clarifies that, If any particular schemes are already available with less than 300 MB free data already being given, shall now be offered additional freebies in this new offer to make the total freebies equal to 300 MB free 3G data. However, if any circle based or corporate BSNL Mobile Plans under prepaid services offered free data more than 300MB, they will continue to get the same freebies (free 3G net) without any change.

This new promotional offer is available only for new prepaid mobile connections activated up to 31st January 2017 across India. So new users its now the time to join BSNL as a new customer directly or through porting. Select any prepaid tariff plan and avail this new BSNL Welcome Offer available on high-speed data services.
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  1. Now a days bsnl signal is so erratic, wish to migrate to Jio. Worst. Better to improve signal, instead of so called free data.

  2. BSNL has to reduce exorbitant land line rental before customers start surrendering land lines en
    mass .. !

  3. 9422352172 at. Poynad, dist.Raigad, Maharasgtra. Largest market in Alibag . why not BSNL 3G here?