Last updated: 13 December 2016
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BSNL Nano SIM Card Prices Slashed upto 50%

We all know, How Nano SIM cards are playing a significant role in the present situation. Almost all high end valued mobiles are supported with only Nano SIM card slots. To facilitate all the mobile hand users with the best quality Nano SIM card, BSNL offered them at the lowest price already.

Now in step forward, BSNL slashed the prices of Nano SIM card again up to 50% from existing. With this move, PSU again proved that BSNL is the only operator can be slashed the prices at any time for the sake of mobile users. During this 2016 only, BSNL cut all the SIM card prices (Smart SIM) 256K SIM, etc..).
 BSNL Nano SIM Card Price New
Now in Rationalization, BSNL Nano SIM Card costs of ‘64 K to 128 K-Nano SIM / Repluggable SIM which contains Nano SIM’ for New and Replacement slashed again. It is applicable for all Port In connections BSNL from any other operator also with the following new price at Rs.30 of different kinds.
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This new tariff is applicable for all customers of all BSNL Prepaid and Postpaid mobile users of any plan in all circles across India. The newly slashed prices of BSNL Nano SIM Card will come into effective on 14th December 2016.
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  1. all these procedures cant cute to bsnl.give unlimited call from all landlines and give same from bsnl mobile also.let us see the magic