Last updated: 20 December 2016
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BSNL ISD Tariff for Belgium, Oman, Gambia, Niue, Mexico - Revised

PAN India Mobile Operator BSNL has announced the revision of BSNL ISD (International Subscriber Dialing) Tariff regarding some countries. In this new revision, the tariff modified for Belgium, Oman, Gambia, Niue and Mexico.

On the change in international carrier charges of Oman Group 7, Oman Group 10, Belgium Group 5, and Gambia. BSNL Competent Authority has decided to revise the ISD tariff as below with the some modifications.

The detailed ISD charge category wise is as given below due to the changes in airline fees. 
1. Plan wise with 60 seconds pulse duration.
2. For tariff intends to work on MCU basis
BSNL ISD Tariff Belgium Oman
After the above said three countries, BSNL has also revised the charging for the destination for Niue and Mexico also. The charging of these two countries shall be in 60(Sixty) seconds increments with 60 (sixty) seconds minimum. The detail of country and area code is as given below.
BSNL ISD Niue Mexico
Mobile users who requires to reduce the ISD tariff can have a chance to subscribe for BSNL ISD Special Tariff Vouchers through Online. These newly revised instructions on the above said BSNL ISD Tariff for Belgium, Oman, Gambia, Niue and Mexico countries should come into force with effect from 23rd December 2016. 
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