Last updated: 02 November 2016
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BSNL Concentrates on Cost Cutting, Increasing Operative Revenues

BSNL is coming back to shape, concentrating on cost cutting in every aspect for increasing operative revenues. Yes, its way for any wholesome organization. Employee payments should be less than 12% to 15% of income. Ideally, payments should be at the optimum level for any human resources. Now BSNL is on the way to reduce the cost.

Due to the earlier technology, BSNL might be requiring a large workforce for the provision of Broadband and Mobile services. New technology upgrades and communication trends minimized the requirement of massive individual resources making BSNL out of shape.
 BSNL Cost Cutting
In coming years, BSNL is shedding its workforce due to huge retirements down the line. This year retirements are bringing down BSNL workforce to 7% of its total strength. As on date, BSNL is paying 50% for its revenue to its employee payments.

When it compares to its peer competitors, it’s more or less ten times and when it's compared to their respective revenues. BSNL is concentrating on cost cutting and increasing the operative revenues, shedding down of the employee strength will increase BSNL’s operating revenue.

As of now BSNL has put on its VRS plans on hold. BSNL CMD is working towards strategic investments with new partnership destinations. Along with that, introducing many ideas to grab the market opportunities in the highly dynamic competitive market. Where all these extraordinary efforts and new ideas are clearly visible with the latest stats to reach the previous position.
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  1. One of the major complaint against BSNL is poor quality of service .. To feed the unproductive work force they have increased the charges more than 150 % .. When customers find they have an economical alternative they will simply say bye bye to BSNL .. !

  2. Why BSNL is not reducing wastefull expenditure on vehicles, which are used only for commuting officers from home to office and viceversa. BSNL expenditue on big offices also need to be curtailed by space audit, rather use space for renting out.If BSNL adopts such measures,then only some seriousness looks towards cutting cost measures.

  3. quality of the services provided by bsnl is very network is too worst and if there is no complaint happend to landline it may work for some we fall in fault of will take more than 15 days to rectify the issue and also upon we should listen the bad behaviour of bsnl bye bye to bsnl. we gave chance to jio which we are getting freely.

  4. Quality of services of BSNL far from their claims. I am totally disappointed. Still continuing with the hope it will improve. A small example: I am in Kerala circle, KOLLAM district, Punalur exchange.My broadband no. 04752224174.out of 30 days of a month I am in station hardly for 4 days in the first week and another 4-5 days in the third week. Every time I come back from tour, the internet connection will be out. The field staff is almost prompt in attending the fault; again it go haywire when I am not at home. The solution I understand is fix a junction box on my wall and pass the loose cable through PVC pipe. Every time the field staff promise; they will do it next time. That next time never comes. Unless BSNL change its attitude, people through you in the dust bin. Improve quality of service or one day I will also turn against you.

    1. Sir next time when you see them,simply you say,you will take the expences of petty work,the very next day your work will be done. TRY IT.

  5. Make ur workforce skilled..train
    them as per need..u can simply make use of vast workfoce to ur advantage

  6. I have sent few mails to save bsnl and bring back bsnl to profits but did not see any response. I have few suggestions which could bring up bsnl revenues.

  7. Outsource the maximum work if want to survive in the market

  8. Every employee of BSNL should realize that they work in a highly competitive CORPORATE body and not in a DEPARTMENT even after years of conversion to a Public Sector Undertaking and extend full cooperation to function with utmost sincerity