Last updated: 31 October 2016
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Every Home with BSNL Fibernet at 5G Speeds

Every Home provides with BSNL Fibernet at 5G Speeds is the Next Milestone kept. In this way, PSU already starts the services. BSNL started providing Fiber to Home in Warangal for every house with fault free services. It is also on the existing cable line with lightning 5G speeds for first time in India.

Warangal supposed to be the second capital of Telangana, is stepping towards development driven by new government visionaries. The first thing which will directly aid for its citizens is Warangal being a smart city. For availing the smart city benefits, the internet plays a vital role in every aspect. For internet connectivity with best broadband plans, BSNL plays a driving role.

For Warangal City, BSNL came with a most strategic plan, by partnering with local primary cable service providers to offer BSNL fiber to home services. First time in India BSNL teamed up with a private cable operator for a city like Warangal. Warangal has a vast historical prominence is not up to the mark in parlance to development. Only recent years Warangal is getting loads of development projects.
BSNL 5G Fibernet Every Home
What is for an ordinary man the benefits of a smart city? Every service, monitoring elements which stay connected to Public Services continued into the internet controlled system, where you can witness the updates along with that officer linked to the services will have precise data to visualize the requirements furthermore supports for better planning and budgeting. Every pocket of citizen’s need can do explored, and funds do allocate as per the data from the systems.

For example, elements like e-Governance services, where government services can be availed online rather that following up with traditional typical file government office styles. Waste management, Water quality monitoring, Connecting to parking systems, by bringing energy meters on to network we can minimize energy fails and can project exact requirements, You can plan your travel as per the bus transport in agreement with efficient traffic management system.

To avail all the benefits of smart cities internet should be robust. BSNL is the only company which can connect to the remotest place. BSNL has fiber connectivity to all its exchanges, to households BSNL has to extend the fiber connectivity to offer high speeds. For this gap first time, BSNL is going to partner with local cable service providers to offer fiber to home broadband services with 5G speeds with special Fiber to Home Plans of Warangal as follows.

BSNL Fibernet Broadband Plans 5G Speed Tariff

Particulars Fibro Combo ULD 645 CS50 Fibro Combo ULD 1045 CS51
Bandwidth (Download Speed) Up to 10 Mbps Up to 20 Mbps
Fair Usage Policy Limit 50GB 100GB
Applicability All Users of Warangal Telecom District
Speed after Limit 1Mbps
Monthly Rent in Rs 645 1045
Additional Facility Unlimited free calls between 9 PM to 7 AM on every day, and full day on all Sundays, to any network in India

At the end of the day there will be a definite improvement in productivity and quality of services, thereby yielding quality of family time for every individual whether it can be an officer or it can be the common citizen. So Warangal users its now time to Apply Online at BSNL Portal to avail 5G speeds of BSNL fiber to home.

In another way we can tell that for any decision or up-gradation Time is the Crux that means if we wait to lay down a fiber cable then offer services is a lengthy procedure. Partnering to the existing player for connecting to homes and going with a technical Service Level Agreement (SLA) will make BSNL reach its 5G speeds to every door step within a small period, and be marking its personal impression for building Smart India.
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  1. why bsnl is not implementing this type of plans in Kerala Most income generating state in India for BSNL.or bsnl is keeping Kerala as a step mother?

  2. When warangal can give why not Chennai Besant nagar,are we helping private players in chennai

  3. Please implement atleatst copper broadband near IRA bantwal

  4. Forget 5G BSNL doesn't even have normal broadband service facility near kurnad or IRA which is near bantwal mangalore

  5. When this will implement in KERALA?

  6. Is it applicable in Srinagar Jammu & Kashmir?

  7. Why avoiding the Kerala State always?

  8. Why there is no cheaper high speed broadband plan for UP(East)?

  9. When will you introduce this kind of plans in KARNIRE exchange area in Dakshina Kannada,Karnataka where we still have a British era telephone exchange.........??? First modernize old exchanges in Rural India,where people rely more on BSNL than other Telcos.