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BSNL Broadband Speed as per Internet Plan - Check your speed

Are you getting your BSNL broadband speed as per your subscribed internet plan? If not what are the steps followed by you to overcome this situation? Many of us, first start with BSNL speed test online. After that thinking in many ways, how to increase internet speed in BSNL broadband.

Nowadays, every App consuming more data at the background. Customers are connecting multiple Wi-Fi devices to broadband service for browsing or downloading. One BSNL broadband speed service allows many devices, but speed shares from that.

Many BSNL broadband users are facing the problems, about their internet speed. They are not getting the speed as per their subscribed plan, because of their configurations related with BSNL. But the customer himself can check and complaint to concerned BSNL technical staff for increasing the speed at their end.

If a problem is identified here only, there is no requirement for BSNL broadband speed test also. Actually, as per technically possible condition. BSNL Servers has allocated the internet speed as per the subscribed plan and fix the limit at some point i.e. port binding (in BSNL Technical words).

BSNL broadband port binding is the configuration information about internet speed. It is a logical construct identifies a particular process or a type of network service. Determined for each address and protocol by a number, commonly known as the port number. This port bonds with some limit for each BSNL broadband customer, according to with the plan opted.

If that port binding allotted as per the scheme, BSNL broadband speed will get by the client correctly as per the subscribed broadband plan. If broadband port binding not allocated as per tariff, results to slow speed even accepted for the higher rate plan.

BSNL broadband user, first confirm your subscribed broadband plan. Know the assured rate of that tariff by calling to customer care or having a look at latest BSNL broadband plans and follow the below-mentioned steps.

How to Increase BSNL Broadband speed as per your Internet Plan

  1. Open the browser on your Laptop/ Desktop / Tablet.
  2. Enter
  3. Another small window/ pop up appears to enter the admin details to log in the modem or router.
  4. Enter your modem User Name as Admin and password as password (as per you, if changed).
  5. BSNL broadband speed test modem login
  6. Now you have logged in to your BSNL ADSL broadband modem
  7. The complete details of the BSNL broadband port will appear in Overview menu.
  8. In System Information, you will see your routers Model Name, Firmware Version, etc..
  9. Come down and see Internet Connection label, there your will notice about
    • DSL Status
    • Downstream Data Rate
    • Upstream Data Rate.
BSNL broadband speed port
Downstream denotes the allocated bandwidth, and Upstream indicates upload speed (streams differed according to subscriptions).

As per the above, Assumes that, if a customer opts for 8Mbps plan. He allows the upstream as 8*1024 = similar to 8192 kbps as upstream. If it allocates in similar to 2156 kbps, then it is the error, which results in lowest speed for the user.

If the above said downstream and upstream values are not up to the mark as per your BSNL broadband plan. Complain it immediately to concerned BSNL technical team to reallocate the port binding to your broadband telephone number. So that, the certain BSNL broadband speed as per your plan is available to you to enjoy high-speed internet services.

BSNL technical team also didn't know about the particular problem up to your complaint. Because at the time of plan change/ new subscription, port binding takes place automatically for BSNL broadband speed. When a claim arises about the speed, BSNL checks whether the broadband port is correctly bound or not. So check with above simple steps on login to your router. Proceed further, if not up to the mark for your BSNL broadband speed.
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  1. I changed the plan to BBG Combo ULD 1199 on 15th September the speed allotted is not 2*1024=2048 rather it is 1993 so can you please check the porting and correct it. I had multiple tickets opened for the case which were all closed stating the speed is as per plan whereas as per the above article it is not so which is exactly what I have been trying to explain to your exchange and call center team who just won't understand.

  2. pls asked them to check the BB profile for exp if any sub take the $ mbps plan then the profile against his inner Vlan aslo should be changed other wise he will not be able to get the concern speed even plan changed. more over 1993 means the issue with the NIB section the have not decided your/ the whole Dslam profile. pls mail this issue to cmd BSNL and ask them to chrgesheet of such officials. they are sinking the BSNL services even BSNL have the best network componet.

  3. sir,
    this is the plan through out the month you will get unlimited date at a speed of 2 mbps. Other plans will get the speed of 1 mbps after free usage. Another advantage u got is u can call to any number in India irrespective operator free at 24 hours of the day.
    if have any quires u can visit to nearset customer support center.