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BSNL Mobile Unlimited Calling Plans with Free 3G Data

BSNL Mobile unlimited calling plans with free 3G data are the exclusive news to hear for all of us. You are a home user or an entrepreneur. Needs more talk time or completely free from mobile to rejoice. As of now, this is not possible. But this dream comes true with the new launch of BSNL Mobile unlimited calling plans.

Up to now, we all are enjoying unlimited free calling from BSNL landline only. Now it is extended to BSNL mobile also without restricted for night time or Sundays. It is available as Free for Local and STD calls during 24 hours throughout India.

Almost all cellular operators slashed the tariff of voice calling packs in response to Reliance Jio. But our BSNL made entirely free by introducing new post-paid mobile plans (BSNL Mobile unlimited calling plans) with a contract period offering extra free 3G data usage in each plan.
BSNL Mobile Unlimited Calling Plans with Free 3G Data
Many customers are searching about, which is the best post-paid mobile plan offered across all mobile service providers in India. It is to avail unlimited calling at an affordable price with high-speed mobile internet which assumes the best network quality.

For that, BSNL is the source with free roaming available in the market already. Now in view to extend the best mobile services to their customers and to grab new once. PSU launches new BSNL Mobile unlimited calling plans (Plan 1125 and Plan 1525) under post-paid services.

As of now, all available BSNL mobile postpaid plans are offering some free talk time almost equal to monthly rent. Requires 3G data, then again, you have to subscribe an additional Add-on data plans. With this new launch of BSNL Mobile unlimited calling plans (Plan 1125 and Plan 1525). The mobile user can avail both with one plan only.

The additional features in this BSNL Mobile unlimited calling plans are, customers can have an unlimited talk even while in National Roaming across India along with more free 3G data. Take a look about the tariff.

BSNL Mobile Unlimited Calling Plans - Special Tariff

Particulars PLAN 1125 PLAN 1525
Activation Charges in Rupees 100
Security Deposit(Refundable)
Local + STD 500
Local +STD +ISD 2000
Local + STD+ISD + International Roaming 5000
Monthly Charges in Rupees 1125 1525
Free Calls Unlimited free calling facility to any network landline and mobile with in India for Local and STD Calls
Incoming calls / usage in Roaming Unlimited
Outgoing Charges from Roaming area Unlimited Local / STD calls to any Network
Free SMS 250
SMS charges after free usage for Local /STD 0.5
SMS charge from Roaming Area 0.25
Free Data Usage 1GB 5GB
International Roaming Rent in Rs. Per month 99

At present, every Mobile user requires more talk time and high-speed data at affordable price. This new BSNL Mobile unlimited calling plans will satisfy the user with both the facilities. It is also without any add on vouchers by allowing the unlimited free call to any network.

With this new launch of BSNL post-paid mobile plans. We proudly say these are the best India calling plans for mobile users under GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) services.

There are no apps or any other to install in mobile to avail unlimited free call, like others. Enjoy your unlimited free mobile talk time along with free 3G data on your BSNL mobile to rejoice, by subscribing with latest BSNL Mobile unlimited calling plans with free 3G data.
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  1. BSNL should launch Under 500Rs. plan Unlimited data for prepaid users. should end the bucket system for data

  2. now a days who needs these type of high value plans?while giving unlimited calling to any network with 4gb data @499 all the people willmove to for a chepest one.if bsnl could implement this type of plans before one year they could achive a good financial goal over that network.who wants to keep their

    telephone number under a fluctating network and under of some arrogant and un proffessional people.if they implement same plan at 250 for 1125 and 400 for 1525 its some what acceptable. why bsnl couldnt implement fixed mobile telephony? why these telephone exchange people are not giving 249 plan to new broadband customers.these all are managed by a mafia.100% of these mafia people are from bsl to destroy it and help private mobile operators.

  3. 1125 +taxes?
    It is not attractive offer what i feel

  4. This is not looks like a good plan..
    Now i am using reliance post paid Rs.350/Month. Unlimited calls to Local & Landline. Free 100 sms/ month & 1gb data 4g.

    This kind of or some what higher below 500 for post paid is best for BSNL.

  5. Another new crap. You seriously think people would spend 1100 bucks, for calling? The fucking BSNL Official don't know that people now a days are satisfied with WhatsApp call. And Reliance Jio 249 plans include free SMS+ UNliimted calling with 0.3MB, if they would need extra data they would go for 500Rs. plan, and 4GB data, plus unlimited at night, plus call and sms free, and 20 times faster speed then BSNL.

    With these types of plan, you are encouraging people for Reliance Jio. It might be one of the best plan added by BSNL, but BSNL plans are now out of market. What is the purpose of coming 3rd in class, when the total strength of the class is just 3? BSNL situation is like that.

    You would suffer, badly and seriously and it would last decades, if you don't do EXACTLY or Better than Jio.

    I am a ground level man, and I can see and bet that not only BSNL landline and broadband would vanish off, but also the Sim card would vanish off within 2-3 years. BSNL is in last list of user's choice now a days, and more often Modiji can't do anything for BSNL now, as he is now printed in newspaper supporting Reliance Jio Digital India's initiative.
    Soon BSNL would be Bidding us.

  6. reliance jio is giving unlimited local and std calling to any network at just 149 rs per month plus many other data and sms benefits. almost 10 times what bsnl is charging for similar. please think sensibly and bring with at least half the price otherwise its just another fancy plan from bsnl which users simply like to see as items put in museum just for watching and not for using.

  7. Costly plan still. Reduce the prices further to attract more customers from other operators.

  8. Yes very true. BSNL is not bothered to provide services to their customers. At Kovaipudur, Coimbatore, the tower is so tall but not maintained no precaution lighting in the night. Just two kms aways I don't get proper signal in my mobile. The landlines are even worse. The noise in the phones prevent you from hearing the other person. The lines laid long time back are not maintained and there is no fibre glass lines. The internet speed offered is not provided. And you get messages and people calling you to top-up and take hangamma plans and spend more money only without providing the services offered. A visit to the BSNL Office at Kovaipudur Coimbatore will show you the amount of slackness and indifference towards the customer. The official is not available to meet you and you don't even get to know what plans are available and good for you.
    Hope the BSNL officials stop encouraging the other operators and start providing best services to the local public.
    Hope the Telecom Minister does something about this if the local officials do not act proactively.

  9. always Bsnl is best

  10. which frequency bsnl use in 3g in bihar ? any body know?

  11. not a best plan, its a costly plan. Reduce plan tariff otherwise no customers will attract.