Last updated: 19 September 2016
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BSNL Mobile Services back to positive growth | Tops in chart

Today BSNL is in the news for its results to which it has gained after its stupendous effort on all fronts. BSNL declared that it has become as the fifth largest mobile operator in monthly growth rate. In net addition of new customers under BSNL mobile services for June 2016, BSNL beats all the private operators.

Our BSNL, the only PSU in Indian telecom sector which is entirely owned by Government of India. Being a PSU may not give BSNL an edge in this post financial liberalisation era. BSNL mobile services are competing with global players, and still, BSNL made its mark.

Introduced BSNL 10 paise scheme and free mobile roaming across India as best offers for customers. Apart from that, BSNL 3G Internet plans are already ruling the data market with its lowest price for high-speed wireless data.

Recently Public Sector Undertaking introduced BSNL 3G unlimited data plans in prepaid services and unlimited call plan in the post-paid segment. With this new offers, we can also see the top growth in the next coming also continuously.

BSNL was leading in Voice segment till 2003. After some setbacks due to several reasons, BSNL was trembling to retain its position. After energising by the current policies and new management team, BSNL is in the news every day. Now records superb growth at above 13 lakhs new mobile customers for June 2016.
BSNL Mobile Services Net Addition
Before a couple of years, BSNL status is like that, and BSNL is slowly going to massive losses and the company which has 1 Lakh and above employees, which is used to dictate the market dimension, was in serious threat and also BSNL was on the verge of joining it as the legacy.

But if we just go a few years back, BSNL had an excellent technology. Best teams selected with toughest screening tests and moreover magnificent infra. It was an admiring by all Indian’s. When somehow with some Jugaad, it happened that, if you went into a BSNL exchange. The superb experience for you to see how the faults located and gigantic racks and fully maintained cabling. With all this BSNL was the topper of the lot in the telecom industry.

Later in mid-2000’s, only one change is, BSNL was unable to upgrade its technology, having other three resources on par. Still, BSNL was about to become the white elephant. In general, if you stop working continuously for about 3 to 4 months from your daily routine. Bringing your commitment back to normal is an enormous task, the same thing happened with BSNL also.

BSNL expansions were not there with the market growth till late 2000’s. With that BSNL has to witness huge subscriber base. Now BSNL has overcome from this situation for the past two years. BSNL is adopting new strategical policies. Adapting to new technological advancements in the data network, driving the employees towards customer orientation.
BSNL Mobile Services Growth
BSNL is again going to obtain number one position among Indian telecom service providers. It supports with the statics of latest survey for the monthly mobile user growth rate. BSNL has achieved a monthly growth rate of 1.48% for a new mobile user base. With which BSNL mobile services is going to increase its share from 8.54% to 8.65% for the month of June-2016.

Along with the new user base under BSNL mobile services, PSU had also got a quite good number of MNP customers. It is mainly because of introducing the all India free roaming, unlimited calling and much more on the best mobile network. So let’s share your opinion on the record of top growth on BSNL mobile services.
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  1. Please expand 3G services where all private operations have done. I am waiting for your 3G in my village but airtel, Vodafone, JIO 4G have 3G and 4G but no BSNL 3G.

  2. Request to Update the New plans in BSNL portal,so that yr. CCC can guide customers accordingly.
    Also Ensure that Customers should be updated with SMS regarding any upgrade/ plan change request applied for through yr BSNL commercial officer in time.
    Pl. Update yr Customer care centre with new plans you have published Time to Time.
    Pl.refer my complaint no "Dear customer, we have booked your complaint. The docket number for your complaint is - 1I19437857"dt.19/09/2016.
    Mobile no.+919439263465

  3. It is deplorable that bsnl being owned by Government is not leading to all other service providers.How it is possible for the private service provider to charge cheaper than bsnl and attract more customers than a PSU. The central Government has concentrate to improve the service cheaper than any other private service providers and attract more subscribers and there by more income and profit.

  4. Bsnl 3g speed is very good and cheep plan also as compared pvt operator.
    In post paid connections bsnl billing process is transparent.