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BSNL Jalandhar Broadband Plans | Special Offers

BSNL Jalandhar broadband plans, new high-speed unlimited internet tariff, launched a promotional scheme under wireline broadband services. This new tariff offers free calling and rent free telephone for every home and business in BSNL Jalandhar business area of Punjab Telecom.

Jalandhar is the oldest city and future Smart City in Punjab. In olden days, it's called as Jullundur, and this is the first capital of Punjab state. After 1953, Chandigarh was built and made as New capital for Punjab.
BSNL Jalandhar Broadband Plans
For this future smart city and their areas, many internet service providers are planning to offer high-speed broadband services. To meet such type of high-speed requirements in every home and business, BSNL now released this particular BSNL Jalandhar broadband plans only for Jalandhar Secondary Service Area (Business Area).

In addition to the already available BSNL Punjab broadband plans. PSU now launched three types of BSNL Jalandhar broadband plans BBG Combo ULD - 1591 CS178, 1891 CS179, 2041 CS180 as a special offer. All these BSNL plans allowed 8Mbps download speed for Jalandhar with fair usage policy limit applicability.

Many free calls are available for day calling in all new BSNL Jalandhar broadband plans. Unlimited night calling on weekdays and day and night free calling to any network on Sundays are also available. Take a look at the below-unlimited tariff.

BSNL Jalandhar Broadband Plans - Special Unlimited Internet Tariff

Particulars BBG ComboULD 1591 CS178 BBG Combo ULD1891 CS179 BBGCombo ULD 2041 CS180
Bandwidth (Download Speed) Upto 8 Mbps
FUP Limit 60 GB 80GB 100 GB
Post FUP Speed 1 Mbps
Applicability All users of Jalandhar SSA of Punjab Telecom
Monthly Charges (Rs) 1591 1891 2041
One YearCharges Rs 17501 20801 22451
TwoYear Charges in Rs. 33411 39711 42861
ThreeYearCharges inRs. 47730 56730 61230
Free E-mail IDs/Space 1/1 GB
Static IP Address (On Request) One at Rs.1800/- p.a. additional
Security Deposit One Month charges
Minimum Hire Period One Month
Telephone monthly charges in Rs Nil
Free Calls within BSNL 250 350 450
Additional facility Unlimited free calls to any network landline and mobile in India between 9 PM to 7 AM and on Full day on Sundays

With the recent introduction of BSNL 249 broadband plan. It proves that BSNL is the only operator offers affordable internet facility at best and low price. Again with this new launch of BSNL Jalandhar broadband plans, Jalandhar area customers can access very high-speed internet in all wireless gadgets (Tabs, Smartphones / iPad, etc..) at an affordable price.

If any queries regarding this offer, contact BSNL Customer Care Number Punjab. So Jalandhar users, book before 9th November 2016 through online at BSNL Portal or by approaching BSNL customer service center. Enjoy high-speed unlimited browsing / downloading and unlimited free calling available in this BSNL Jalandhar broadband plans.
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  1. wht they cant give unlimited out going calls from landlines under this plan?if so it will be more popular and landline dont have call termination charges