Last updated: 25 September 2016
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BSNL Free Calls 'Lifetime' launching soon | cheaper than Jio

Now a day’s all the Telco’s are offering free calling. As a BSNL customer what is your expectation from BSNL? Most of the users think like this, we are very happy if BSNL also provides free calls from mobile. Then, there is a great news for you from BSNL. As a BSNL customer most probably you are going to get free calling facility by January 2017.

Free means Free for Lifetime. Yeah, you got it right. The state-owned Public Sector Undertaking, which is bouncing back to its top position, is not going to feel the heat of private competitors. BSNL is creating ripples for other operators.

As on date, free calling on voice network offer is not all available to any other service provider. Voice over wireless data has been provided, but for this offer you have to have the data signal all the time and signal of data also plays a vital role in call quality.
BSNL Free Calls Lifetime
But BSNL is planning to offer free calling facility for the lifetime. It is of 2G / 3G networks complimented by its wired broadband data network where voice quality and reception with wide signal coverage will be there. It is only possible to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited as the signal and line network coverage are across PAN India and also makes strategic partnerships with other telecom providers to offer the best mobile services.

In an interview with Times of India. BSNL Top Management, Chairman and Managing Director, Shri Anupam Shrivastava expressed that, we are in the continuous watch on the present market and special offers of other telecom networks. And also about the performance of recent entrant Reliance Jio tariffs. We have the best network across India, so we also want to come up with BSNL Free Calls 'Lifetime' facility at an early.

This time, BSNL is hitting the right pocket and is going to give its high time offer among its competitors. Furthermore, as the nowadays internet for everyone is new agenda for any developing nations.

Knowing the importance of data as already declared by BSNL, as it is betting big for the data network. BSNL is going to participate in the spectrum auction to have 700MHz band, till extent possible. Being a BSNL subscriber hope of service providers does well and offers best Quality of Services (QoS) to all of us with the free calling facility for Lifetime.
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  1. Current voice plans of BSNL should be slashed to Rs149/-with free local, free std & free roaming .. For decades BSNL land line customers have suffered with continuous price increase .. Hope we get a breather or an alternative at last .. !

  2. Even after a long period of a being a BSNL subscriber, a landline subscriber is paying monthly rental for the what way you can justify this.last month I have not used a single minute in land line and internet, but I am forced to pay around ,1000/_ pm. How can u justify this?

    1. Check what plan youre on. If you have an ecpensive plan amounting to 1000 but are not using your landline and internet then choose a cheaper plan rather than ask bsnl to justify. If you feel that you are being charged unjustly and not according to your plan then take it up at the bsnl center. I pay 1300 monthly including taxes (1199 plan) for unlimited internet and calling. It will be my fault if I chose this plan and didnt use it.

    2. When you are not using your landline for out-going calls and internet, you can opt for plan 145 which affords only incoming calls(Sulabh plan). Thus you can save a lot.

  3. please give us weekly unlimited plan for 3g !

    1. Good request but one day unlimited is also best we download many movies one day and left for other days