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BSNL 249 Plan - Frequently Asked Questions & Solutions

BSNL 249 Plan, another highlight from our telecom brand, which is offering below Rs. 1 Per GB. This new unlimited internet plan is giving tremors in telecom world after Reliance Jio news. On this BSNL 249 Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in many also raised about the speed, charges and much more.

For a common usage 1 Mbps is more than sufficient, even for video calling also. With this special broadband BSNL 249 Plan, you will be getting 1Mbps speed for unlimited data consumption. Students may be requiring YouTube videos for educational purpose. For techno enthusiastic you may watch YouTube for reviews.

For households, you might be watching for entertainment purpose. At the end of the day you require buffer free videos, with this plan throughout the month you may enjoy buffer free videos.
BSNL 249 Plan - Frequently Asked Questions
To avail this BSNL 249 plan, you may have many questions in your mind which you have to call to call center team for resolution. But for your convenience we are giving a small insight about this plan with FAQ’s about the BSNL “Experience Unlimited Broadband 249” plan. Please check the details below.

BSNL 249 Plan Frequently Asked Questions

1. How BSNL calculates 1 Rupee for 1GB under this plan “Experience Unlimited Broadband 249” ?
If a customer, subscribes for BSNL “Experience Unlimited Broadband 249” and if he downloads 10GB per day with 1Mbps speed. At the end of the month, he is going to consume 300GB per month. It means cost per 1GB data is almost 1 Rupee. As a conclusion we can tell that customer is going to pay below 1 rupee per 1 GB with unlimited browsing / downloading / uploading and free calling. The Maximum download speed in this plan is up to 2Mbps and with minimum speed of 1Mbps.

2. What is FUP limit for this BSNL 249 plan?
FUP limit for this plan is 1GB with 2Mbps speed. After FUP limit speed will be adjusted to 1Mbps with unlimited data download.

3. Is there any telephone rent to be added as extra?
No rental charges for telephone, under this Experience BB Unlimited 249 plan. Because it is a combo plan.

4. What is the call price in this BSNL 249 plan from landline?
All call charges are at Rs. 1 for BSNL network and Rs. 1.2 for other network per MCU (Meter Called Unit) in India.

5. What is the time for MCU?
It is One Minute (60Seconds)

6. What is the total bill of BSNL 249 plan inclusive of taxes?
Monthly total bill for this plan (Experience Unlimited BB 249) is Rs.249 plus Service tax at present rates (now it is 15%) i.e, approximately it will be Rs. 287.

7. What is about BSNL landline free calling facility? whether unlimited call facility is available or not? if I opted BSNL 249 plan.
Yes, unlimited call facility is available in this BSNL 249 plan. Existing unlimited free night calling facility at night time from 9PM to 7AM on every day (Monday to Saturday) and also complete day and night calling on Sundays.

8. Is it is a regular plan?
No. At present, this BSNL 249 broadband plan is a promotional offer available upto 31st October 2016.

9. What will be after promotional period?
The customers who have subscribed during this promotional scheme time, he/she can continue for six months and after they migrated automatically.

10. What is this migration to other plan?
This BSNL 249 plan is only for 180 days from the date of activation. After six months, 249 data plan customer will automatically be migrated to BSNL 499 unlimited broadband plan.

11. Can I avail yearly subscriptions for this plan?
No, Longer validity subscriptions (one, two, three year) are not allowed in this plan

12. Is there any chance to migrate to higher plan?
Yes, customers if required, can migrate to other best BSNL broadband plans available.

13. How we can change/migrate to other plans, Is there any facility online?
Yes, subscribed customers under this 249 plan can migrate to any other higher data plans at any time through BSNL broadband plan change online portal.

14. Do BSNL provide any concessions under this plan for new connection?
For Government employees of State / Central /PSU, BSNL already offers 5% rental discount on broadband rental, the same will also be applicable for this plan also.

15. Is this plan available on fiber network also?
No, this tariff plan does not provide to the customers on BSNL fiber to the home network. Minimum monthly rental plan on FTTH network is Rupees 375.

16. Does BSNL 249 broadband plan offers any special high speed unlimited night downloading?
Downloading during night hours is anyhow free, which will not have considered under FUP beyond this. So there is no different speeds or extra download limit for the night time in this BSNL 249 plan.

17. Can I convert my existing BSNL broadband plan to this newly launched plan?
No, it is not applicable.

18. Is it applicable for everyone or targeted to only students, farmers etc.?
Yes, it is for all sections in All India.

19. Am I going to get free email id under this BSNL 249 plan, if yes what is the space limit.
By availing this plan, BSNL offers you an email with 1GB space in BSNL domain at free of cost.

20. Can a new customer avail this plan through online?
Yes, you can request for BSNL broadband 249 plan for new connection through online at BSNL portal.

21. If customers close the existing connection, and apply for new connection immediately. Is this BSNL 249 plan applicable?
Yes, this plan is applicable for new customers, even if closes the old BSNL landline service.

22. Whether the same number is allotted for existing customers, if it is closed and apply for as a new connection?
No, it is not possible. The same landline number will not be allotted to the customers. As after the closure of the existing number, to allot the same number will not be available in BSNL database for some period.

23. Is Static IP allowed in this plan?
No, there is no static ip facility applicability in this BSNL 249 plan even on payment of charges. If required static ip, then customer has to subscribe with another static ip applicable broadband plans.

24. What are deposits for this plan?
For a new customer. Landline deposit is about Rupees 500 and one-month broadband rent (exclusive of for internet service as deposit.

25. Can a subscriber of this plan requires to purchase the broadband modem from BSNL at the time of new connection?
No, it is not mandatory. subscriber under this 249 unlimited broadband plan can have a choice to purchase a modem from BSNL or from outside market.

26. What are the applicable installation charges for this BSNL 249 plan?
There are no installation charges in this special plan.

27. Can telephone instrument charges do include in this plan or it is waived off with installation fees?
BSNL landline instrument charges at prescribed rates, remain charged in first bill of the customer.

28. Is this speed enough for skype or video calling?
Yes, BSNL 249 plan speed is more than enough for skype calling or any type of video calling.

29. In my shop, swiping machine available. whether this plan is applicable for mine.
yes, this BSNL 249 plan is applicable to you, and to continue the swiping machine facility through BSNL landline services along with high speed internet services.

30. Can existing BSNL landline customers avail this BSNL 249 Plan?
Yes, any fixed line customer, who are not having BSNL BB internet at present, can now avail this BSNL Experience Unlimited broadband 249 plan.

To conclude the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), by availing this new BSNL 249 plan as a subscriber. We are really going to experience the best broadband speed under this lowest price card.

For any city/metros based customers these speeds may not be much luring. As they might be witnessing high speeds. But other than metros and people who want to avail low price broadband plans, this BSNL 249 plan is really a best option. If you are still having any doubts with you in regard of this tariff. please post us, through below comment form of this BSNL 249 plan frequently asked questions.
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  1. we have landline connection.but do not have broadband connection.we applied for broadband 249 connction.the request has rejected from our telephone axchange.they told 249 plan is available only with new landline connection.
    our landline no.0485-2288598
    rejected telephone exchange -kalloorkadu

    please reply on us

    1. They should not have rejected. The plan as per BSNL website notification is made for New Broadband Users.
      Ask them to take clarification from their Higher Office.
      Press hard !!

    2. nothing happend even if we press hard.3 months before one lady she is disional engineer there she was not aware about inter state mobile number porting she herself rejected.salary they are getting is huge and technically they are zero.sreevasathava sir please take care all these matter.interchange with efficient staffs.otherwise bsnl will fallon water

    3. do not try to create rumor about technicality of bsnl people . they are most experienced and technically qualified among telecom industry

  2. Is this bsnl 249 plan offer is applicable for old landline but new BB user ??

  3. Yes, BB249 plan is avaible for new BB user with existing telephone.

    1. NO! ""To curb the tendency of existing Broadband customers to disconnect existing BB connection &
      take new BB connection through this low value BB plan route, same landline indicator (Same Phone Number) shall not
      be allotted to such customers. The same shall be ensured by the ITPC/Circles."" - From BSNL Circular R&C-CFA No. 117/16-17

  4. Can Rs 49 Plan be converted to Experience 249 BB plan

    1. Yes. 49 plan is landline plan, Experience 249 is new broadband plan. As per notification, 249 plan is only for new customers. So existing landline customers, who haven't subscribed with BSNL broadband can now subscribe for new BSNL 249 plan as a new BB customer.

  5. i have a wimax HOWI750 connection now. I want to cancel the plan and to apply for 249 plan. What should I do for thiese. Can I cancel the existing plan and apply for the new Plan through online?

  6. presently I am using Data card for internet surfing.Can I opt for Broadband using the same Data card or shall I have to purchase a modem for that?If so what is the cost of the modem?
    Please clarify.At prsent I came to know that the 3G services at salem will be given upto Manipal Hospital.Whether a person living away can get this broadband.

  7. For 249 plan security deposit Rs.500 and 1st month rental should pay at the time of application or its billed at the time of 1st bill generated....

    1. In some areas, deposits are collected in advance (before installing connection) to avoid defaulter payments. But in some states, they are billed in first payment. so approach your nearest BSNL centre and clarify this.

  8. I was used BB 499 or above plan at 2015 period and canceled the same since 8 months back also phone is at safe custody now! My question is, can i apply for 249 plan.

  9. Can I connect a Wi-Fi router to this plan use it for multiple devices is it possible

  10. Hi,

    My name is Jigar. I am interested in this plan. But, the thing is I do not have much experience with BSNL Broadband. Do we require to have a telephone if we avail this plan? Moreover, what will be the cost of the telephone and any other charges if applicable.

  11. Telephone will be provided by the dept itself.All you have to pay is Rs.500 as deposit and one month broadband rent.


  13. Without landline, can i have BB249 offer with other alternatives directly to my home like wifi ?

  14. What is the least minimum speed of the 249 plan?

  15. We have BBH UL 845 combo plan..can we avail the facility of BB249 after exchanging the plan from BBH UL 845 to BB249.. pls. share your answer

  16. In the original scheme, this plan is available on FTTH also. Please rectify this error in the above FAQ. If changes, please explain why? In fact, I got just 10% speeds on the jelly filled copper cables, cut at many places, for 20 years, with a complaint almost every week.

    So no more on copper cables please, only on FTTH or excuse the citizens, as Reliance Jio has launched on FTTH only Giga band plans all India. Also, it links wireless 4G is very cheap and best. So bye forever or compete on FTTH only.

    1. There is a condition for FTTH services to provide a DSL broadband plan. i.e. Minimum monthly rental charges to be paid for a DSL broadband plan provided on Fiber to the home is Rupees 375. So this combo plan 249 may not be offered on BSNL FTTH.

  17. Without landline, can i have BB249 offer with other alternatives (presently I am using Airtel Data card through dongal) directly to my home ?

  18. Already I have modem+router ,So what will be the installation charges and all other charges(including telephone cost and 1 month deposit cost) in the beginning of BSNL 249 PLAN.

  19. Can we can Pyari Jodi free sim scheme of 20 minutes free calling in Plan 49 and 249 of BSNL Landline

  20. Wether we are getting free modem from bsnl 249 plan or we want to buy separately. .and how much for new customer who are taking this plan

    1. In this above plan, BSNL Cash back offer is not applicable because any scheme which is above Rupees 700 monthly rent offers free BSNL WiFi modem.

  21. My address comes under Karnataka, Mysore & T. Narsipura circle. When I enquire about BSNL 249 Plan for my home they are telling they cant provide this connection in my area instead I have an only option to go with Fibernet and that is very costly around 1300 INR/month. Kindly conform, what they are telling is true as my question is why cant they provide me this offer when they can provide Firbernet.


  23. Please reconfirm about the rent issue in 249/- plan , i`hv just talked with the customer care on BSNL no. 1500 and as per there system data they said that this plan is just for new Broad Band connection , rental plan of 49/- will be billed separately(or along with this ?) from this 249/- plan please again ask/confirm about this issue from your sources .

  24. what is the download speed under 249 plan?? if bandwidth 2 mbps then download speed should be 250 kbps because in bsnl site they mention bandwidth as well as download speed 2mbps...

  25. Does the FUP limit of 2Mbps for 1GB stand per month or do we have limit of 2Mbps for 1GB for six months entirely?

  26. I wish to become new subscriber for BB249. How much do I pay for all charges for get new connection BB249 only with out land line phone instrument and modem !? Pls convey!!

  27. What will be the total amount to be paid after one month including landline and bb connection after 6 months ?

  28. I already have my personal telephone instrument, can the cost of the same waived off under this plan.

  29. Sir ,
    LL-clip charges 600 rs added my bil, is this wrong..
    U said the mothly bill..249 +service tx is around 289.
    But bill shows now various adjustments..
    Tell me

  30. I have applied for new BB249 plan. New line is setup and got telephone instrument. For broadband connection I got call from BSNL office and he is telling me to pay Rs 250.00 to technician. I don't understand what is these charges for. I guess, there is no installation charges for this Plan, than why he is asking for Rs. 250.
    I got telephone instrument but lineman didn't ask anything but for boradband connection technician asking me to pay Rs 250.00.

    Should I pay him Rs. 250.00?
    Why these charges are not part of my next billing cycle?

    Please also add something in your FAQ for these charges and about these things to be done at time of installation.

    1. No. BSNL do not ask any payment other than through bills.You may file a complaint to the Divisional Engineer concerned showing all details.

  31. Applied for bsnl 249 plan on 27th of SEPT 2016,PHONE was installed on 10th of October, line was checked by lineman. so far the phone has not started.

    HOW much time it takes for phone & broadband connection ?

  32. I have applied new connection with BB249 plan. New line is setup and got telephone instrument. I have paid 749 at the time of Appling new connection.

    I guess, there is no installation charges for this Plan, than why he is asking for Rs. 150 rupees lineman.
    Now I got first month bill but its mentioned 600 for installation charges and local deposit amount 500.
    Kindly give the solutions. Please
    Please also add something in your FAQ for these charges and about these things to be done at time of installation.

  33. I am From Srinagar, Kashmir. I am an old user of BSNL landline but I recently installed new broadband connection .. Can I get broadband pack of Rs 249

  34. I am Akshaya Biswal of Bindhanadipur, palat pur, Jajpur. I have no landline connection here. Please tell me how I will get BB249 connection without any landline connection of BSNL. My contact no is 8908908623

  35. hello plz reply..

    how can we refund back security deposit amount, 500 and 249 both amount..

    1. If you want to surrender plan fill an application and hand over to the authorities.I think that the refund will be transferred to your account

  36. what happen when i use above 300gb a month??will it cost any extra charges??

  37. Dear Sir,
    I had taken 249 plan (29/102016).at the time of installation adviser told no need to pay any extra amount (installation charge, security deposit) but 5/11/2016 first bill come Rs 1240. Call charge is only Rs 4.I used only 5 days but bill came this much Rs 1240 so I had asked to telephone exchange he is telling those are security deposit. Why this much amount come.