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Why Your Mobile Connection from BSNL only? Must Know

Millions of Mobile customers in India are connected with telecom brand BSNL and Other Networks (Airtel, Idea, Aircel, Vodafone, Rcom etc..). All the mobile customers requires seamless connectivity round the clock for both voice and data services.

For the best wireless connectivity, now a days user doesn’t sees the budget. He wants to connect to the world with best wireless service at affordable price tag through GSM network, like as instant service in their pockets.

User is always busy with their routine activities and doesn’t have the time to choose the best mobile connection. Even having enough time also, user is in search to find the best mobile network with available best offers and high speed connectivity.
Mobile Connection BSNL
For all them(new users) and for existing, we are presenting here, about why your mobile connection is from BSNL only? as your communication service. Here some of the reasons we are mentioned. Read this all and Judge about this through comments.
  • BSNL is not a fully owned Govt of India company, but the foremost and prime telecom service provider in India with excellent track record of maintaining transparency and financial jurisprudence.
  • BSNL is known for maintaining quality standards in all its installations and developments having an independent quality assurance and inspection circle with its branches throughout the country to continuously vouch for quality and maintenance in its network.
  • BSNL Mobile network will be with you, where ever you are across India, even at very remote areas.
  • All India Free Mobile Roaming. The only mobile service operator is BSNL offering this facility to the customers in India.
  • Free Call Diversion facility to any Home or Office Landline - No Call lost if Mobile is discharged or out of coverage. There is no charges for diverted calls from mobile and also there is no limit.
  • Lowest Voice, Video Calling, SMS, Data charges.
  • 10Paise per minute call charges for Local / STD calls from BSNL Mobile.
  • Best high speed data packs available across India at lowest charges never offered by any other service provider.
  • Allowing Friends and Family numbers own and other network with some plans.
  • Widest mobile network coverage through out India with thousands of mobile towers which are connected with 2G and 3G base terminal stations (BTS).
  • Thousands of 4G based WiFi hotspots are to be launched for high wireless broadband services.
  • Best Special Tariff Vouchers for 3G Data and for lowest mobile call / / SMS / ISD tariff.
  • E - CAF application launched for BSNL Retailers to activate new mobile connections with in hours of time even from any remote village retailer.
  • BSNL the best mobile operator maintains EMF Radiations as per TRAI norms.
  • Recently BSNL has launched New Plan i.e. Student Special Plan with 1GB Free 3G data and 10Paise calling.
  • At present BSNL Free SIM offering to new customers in all the BSNL circles as per the announcement.
  • BSNL Mobile Selfcare portal launched to maintain all the prepaid services from customer hands.
  • Prepaid data sharing facility launched among friends and family with new mobile data packs.
  • Lowest Mobile tariff offered with circle and corporate plans.
  • BSNL best prepaid mobile schemes and offers as per your region in India.
  • Customers can have a choice to choose mobile number as per their own choice on login to BSNL CYMN Portal.
  • BSNL Mobile customers are expressing full satisfaction in regard to the parameters. It is significant that many customers of BSNL mobile (prepaid / postpaid) are fully satisfied about transparent billing.
  • Flexible and Secure BSNL online recharge portal and BSNL App for online transactions at any time with one minute time for recharge.
  • BSNL perfectly implementing the calling plan schemes being published by it through SMS according with TRAI norms.
  • Complaints will be solved at local offices available at anywhere and at customer care over toll free number or through selfcare portals.
Recent days, the best PAN India telecom network maintained by the Government of India BSNL wins confidence of their customers in regard with plans / schemes. This will be proved by the recent continuous growth of BSNL mobile connections in millions (New / Port In) customers, since the start of the financial year across India.

So Indian Mobile users, now you may know, Why Mobile Connection from BSNL only. Think about your mobile network, Leave your costly network, Join BSNL network, SMS "PORT Mobile No" to 1900 and enjoy BSNL Mobile Services. Be a part in national growth along with by saving your monthly budget with best mobile offers.
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  1. But no 3G coverage where private operators have and no 4G coverage where private operators have. And BSNL DATA tariffs are very high with no coverage.

    1. that is totally wrong. BSNL offers 3.5G (H+) services through out India with Cheapest DATA tariffs. Do have some facts before comment.

    2. It is not wrong.I am from kerala. BSNL introduced 3G network in 2010 in my state, But still the 3G coverage is limited to 6 to 10 km from cities, In my home BSNL have no 3G service where other players have 4G.

  2. In Pune voice service in the areas such as Pashan and Garware college is not good. My phone number is 9422316895 and I am using note 4 please improve the service in this areas

  3. For voice call bsnl is ok, bt for data services Bsnl is not upto tat point- lagging in quality, in cities its ok bt coming to villages getting oly edge connectivity tat too vry worst.....

  4. If roaming is free all over India, then why was I warned last week when I was in Karnataka [ I have a Tamil Nadu number] that " you are roaming, charges apply, do you still want to continue " every time I made a call ?

    1. Incoming is free in Roaming.

  5. I don't know when I will be moving to BSNL from Airtel. I'm just thinking on that right now.

  6. क्योंकि ये भारत सरकार दूरसंचार विभाग के@ निजीकरण के अधिन्न्स्थ कम्पनी है ६०/४०

  7. Everything available except Mobile network. without network what's the use of above points. Everything waste without 2G and 3G network expansion like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea.

    BSNL is India's No.1 worst 3G operator in terms of indoor and outdoor Coverage across India.

    Still BSNL 2G network coverage is not available across India.

    BSNL 2G is india's one and only outdoor network operator.

    BSNL wants its all mobile customers come out from home and use BSNL 2G network across india.

    We have never seen such kind of worst network(interms of network coverage) in India.

    First give strong and consistent network coverage and quality of all services like airtel, vodafone, idea then customer will come automatically to BSNL, otherwise no one will come.

    We dont want cheap tariff without zero/poor 2G and 3G network in both indoor and outdoor across india.

    BSNL App is worst like anything.... just see Airtel app, Idea App, Tata DoCoMo App, Vodafone app, Reliance GSM app, Aircel they make it..

    1. Yes
      U r right BSNL needs a lot to improve and is improving by upgrading it's BTSes.
      In coming 1 year you will see the change.

  8. BSNL is always looking to increase the data tariff by reducing data benefits and validity with zero 2G, 3G and 4G network expansion across India.

    BSNL 3G is still available only in district head quarters and Taluk head quarters across India. Our India is not end with District headquarters and Taluk headquarters. BSNL 3G is safely ignored semi-urban, villages, rural India and increasing tariff like airtel Vodafone idea.

    How much 2G/3G/4G BTS - tower having airtel, Vodafone, idea, (Aircel + Reliance=Aircomm) and Reliance Jio across India and How much BSNL has and where BSNL has installed the BTS?

    airtel came with Open Network Platform (avail in airtel app and its website) to expand airtel network where is similar platform in BSNL ?

    First install/expand BSNL 2G Network(900 Mhz) properly and it must matched with strong coverage with airtel, vodafone, idea, aircel(900 Mhz) in Rest of Tamilnadu.

    For e.g in Rest of Tamilnadu, Aircel is No.1 in terms of 2G coverage, number of 2G towers, customer base across Rest of Tamil Nadu. BSNL 2G wont touch Aircel's 2G coverage across Tamilnadu.

    Aircel has 2.18 Cr wireless/mobile customers across Chennai and Rest of Tamil Nadu Why BSNL does not have customer base like aircel ? BSNL does not have even 90 Lakh customers in Chennai and Rest of Tamil nadu - Why?

    Airtel 3G is No.1 in terms of coverage and data speed in Chennai and Rest of Tamil Nadu.

    Reliance Jio 4G is No.1 in terms of coverage in terms of coverage and data speed in Chennai and Rest of Tamil Nadu.

    First BSNL needs to offer better voice clarity, better network quality, committed data speed on BSNL mobile network.

    If you take TATA DoCoMO and Reliance GSM, both network has 1800 Mhz license in Tamil nadu circle but its coverage is equal to Tamil Nadu's No.1 Network - Aircel, how ? Both TATA DOCOMO AND Reliance GSM network using all AIRCEL TN 2G Network by Intra-Circle Roaming Agreements. Why BSNL doest have own BTS or Does not have Intra-Circle Roaming agreements with AIRCEL TN 2G Network.

    Without strong 2G/3G/4G coverage like airtel vodafone idea and Aircel TN, BSNL 2G 3G 4G will die after Relaince Jio launch across India. Everything in BSNL hand ? Alive or Die ?

    Ahead of upcoming Jio Launch, Already AIRCEL+Reliance GSM merger is under process.

    TATA DOCOMO AND TELENOR INDIA is looking to merge with Vodafone and Idea respectively or exit from telecom business.

    Whats BSNL's game plan ?

  9. BSNL will die by its non performing useless employees and its top management's poor market updation.

    BSNL's staff cost is most higher than any telecom network in the world.

    BSNL will not run for its customers needs and customers friendly.

    BSNL's mobile customer care services is still not matched with airtel Vodafone idea - Why ?

    BSNL is still operating for its non-performing employees salaries, not for customers.


    GIVE Telecom services like airtel vodafone idea by using internal resources or give outsourcing like airtel. we want BSNL should be No.1 in any telecom services. because its our company.

  10. Why does bsnl have to wait for everybody else to give 4G before they do ? -- so that they lose whatever few customer's they have ?

  11. BSNL need to improve signal range quality. At most places even in cities the range is not enough for decent calling with frequent voice cuts even during call. This must be made the no.1 priority as mobile phones are basically meant for calling and not for data purposes. For data purposes one can always take wired broadband in which the data cost is way too less when compared with mobile data.

  12. Range of BSNL in all over India except some big cities and main areas are very very poor. I am using due to roaming free of the same in all over India and Jain jawan plans. These facilities are helpful for all especially for Defense persons.

  13. I have been with BSNL for almost 7 years both broadband and 3 g mobile network, service and quality both are of 1990s..long road to improvement..which I am quite sure they won't reach