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Get New BSNL Landline at Rs 49 Per Month with Unlimited Calling

Now our PSU is going to offer BSNL Landline at Rs 49 Per Month with Unlimited Free Calling facility to any network with One BSNL Free SIM Card of prepaid services. This is really going a hot offer on the BSNL shelf.

BSNL is releasing most irresistible offers, right from last year April. We are bombarded with lot many offers which really had a huge impact in landline business of BSNL. Free night calling facility is really the best offer till date. It’s like a cherry on the cream.

In General, we will find some time to call our dear ones only on Sundays. As of now BSNL only the operator offering free calls on night only. This puts some restriction and may limit us to our family members. To make a full stop for this, BSNL introduced unlimited free calling during day and night on all Sundays on PAN India.
BSNL Landline Plan Experience LL 49 New Tariff
This is going to gear up our relations with our friends. Apart from this, now for new customers, BSNL introduced New Landline services with new plan (Experience LL 49) at Rupees 49 per month as rental charges.

This new plan allows free calling facility during night hours from Monday to Saturday of the week, and 24 hours free calling on Sundays. To have a wider customer acceptance BSNL is going to extend this free calling facility to this plan also. This lowest monthly rental plan of BSNL Landline (Experience LL 49) shall also be applicable for non combo broadband plan customers.

Most of the customers are disconnecting their landlines due to increase in monthly rental charges, but now with this special offer. BSNL new customers can enjoy landline services at Rs.49 per month without installation charges for new connection. Customers can have a look at the following detailed new tariff BSNL Landline.

BSNL Landline Plan (Experience LL 49) Tariff

Name of BSNL Landline Plan Experience LL 49
Monthly Charges Rs.49(First 6Months), after Six months, Number converts to General Plan*
Free Calls from landline Nil
Local / STD Call Charges BSNL Network:Rs.1.00/MCU Other Network:Rs.1.20/MCU
Installation Charges Completely Waived Off
CLIP Charges Rs 600 for both Rural and Urban areas
Additional Facility Free Night Calling to any Local and STD calls of any Landline and Mobile Network between 9PM to 7AM
All the other BSNL terms and conditions shall be same as per General plan of BSNL Landline Services.
* At the time of Customer Application Form, filling customer’s consent should be taken by BSNL authorities for conversion to Landline General plan after six months.

BSNL has said that, PSU is going to set top priority on data business. As said BSNL new landline connection plays a vital role. To push land line connection business BSNL's offers was really a great click last year. This new landline plan will be offered as a promotional offer upto 31st March 2017.

It’s the time for new customer to book landline broadband services through online and get your BSNL free prepaid sim card. Enjoy unlimited night calling on all working days and 24 hours free calling. Rejoice the best on weekends with all friends relatives on subscription with lowest rental BSNL Landline Plan 49.
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  1. It is very good offer and useful to all , thank you very much

  2. BSNL has incresed monthly fixed charges from Rs 180 to Rs 240 over a period of time and lost customers .. Now they are taking loyal customers money and giving gift to non loyal customers .. !

  3. Very happy to receive details about recent tariff developments in BSNL. I am forwarding same to so many of my relatives and friends also. Thanking you

  4. Sir, monthly fix charges or rent should be waived off and minimum charges including call charge must be fixed.

  5. BSNL can't give any profit or services to existing customers. They are cutting all facilities from old customers. New customers will also pay more and more after 6 months for poorer services of BSNL.

  6. dear sir i am using bb1091 comboplan i am happy with the speed but i am unable to use internet during night hours that is between 6pm to 6am i complained several time to to 1504 but no use

  7. BSNL BROADBABD COMPLAINT IS ATTENDED BY ANY LEVEL 1504 or online complaint user have to face problem for at least one week in solving problem. Deptt should care regarding maintance instead of reducing charges

  8. It is better to pay more to other operators who give you better service. With BSNL you have to run from pillar to post yourself to have your issues sorted out.

    1. Ha what a joke Rs.49 plan, I thought of getting it changed when I read the plan details I really thought BSNL marketing has to grow and think in a different way to sustain the market and competitor.

  9. Any attractive offers are always aloofing and obviously there is a certain catch. I do have a Bsnl combo plan since very long but never saw any plus point to quote here except that I can say that I am sticking with services and adjusting with what I get. Bsnl should rationalize in the rates for the existing customers which is the foremost criteria to look upon in the competitive market..

  10. I would have retained my LL connection if they give an offer with no free calls and rent only 49/month.Let them charge from the very first call.There is no time for many to sit in one place and call even on sundays or Off peak time.

  11. is this bsnl 49 plan applicable for existing customers or not

  12. BSNL is not showing any mercy to existing old land line customers... new customers are enjoying all benefits... should change this...