Last updated: 29 August 2016
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BSNL Hyderabad BB Only Plan without Landline - New Tariff

BSNL Hyderabad Broadband Only Plan without landline introduced for new customers. In metro city, many internet service providers are offering broadband service with out landline. Many customers are also not availing landline facility, due to availability of many wireless devices (mobiles and tabs etc..). For all these only data facility is required with high speed.

So our PSU, introduced BSNL Hyderabad broadband only plan (BBO ULD 611 CS177) without landline facility by offering high speed internet facility. This broadband only plan is available at lowest monthly charges by allowing additional discounts on yearly subscriptions.

As of now, BSNL offers combo unlimited plan in Hyderabad telecom at same monthly charges Rs.611. But it is with 4Mbps download speed only. Now this new plan allows 8Mbps speed, having high FUP limit of 60GB. This new tariff is an additional plan for already available common broadband plans in India. 

In this new special BSNL Hyderabad broadband only plan. Voice facility is Not Available. No Telephone instrument is to be provided. There are no charges towards Landline Registration, Installation and Security deposit. Just take a look about the tariff.
BSNL Hyderabad Broadband Only plan with out Landline
"This BSNL Hyderabad BB Only Plan without Landline  is offered only at those places in Hyderabad Telecom of Telangana, where BSNL is not able to provide voice facility"

This newly introduced BSNL Hyderabad broadband only plan "BBO ULD 611 CS177"with out Landline is available on promotional basis for 90days. This is upto 8th November 2016 only. So Hyderabad telecom customers, Join BSNL with this only broadband plan without landline and enjoy speed internet in all your devices.
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  1. You need to target lower middle class people...We need at Rs.299/month without landline 1MBPS without FUP..

  2. I would like to know can this service be provided to the customers living in the areas/locations where there is no feasibility for landline connection anywhere across India?

  3. At last BSNL did some thing good, Will this plan also be extended to other Metros in future or just at Hyderabad. BSNL should realize that in other cities poor people specially students also stay and need BB without land line.

  4. Problem with BSNL is service... people don't really have time to chase with your bureaucratic staff to get the resolution to the problems.

  5. This Plan to be implemented throughout India for the benefit of all the people.