Last updated: 01 August 2016
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BSNL Broadband without Landline | New Plans Launched

BSNL Broadband without Landline is a special DSL service introduced newly by our ISP with high speed internet plans for all India. This is a special welcoming news for users who are looking for BSNL broadband connection without landline (without voice facility).

As of now, Indian broadband users must have to apply BSNL broadband with combo or non combo plans on landline connection, but now our favourite brand (ISP) introduced new facility i.e. provision of BSNL broadband without landline for users on All India basis.

BSNL already offers free landline service with out any rental charges on subscription with any of the combo broadband plans by providing unlimited free calling to their customers. This facility will not be provided to all, because of technical feasible condition of that area.
BSNL Broadband without Landline New Plans
To overcome this, and to provide BSNL broadband service at every nook and corner. To make all areas as feasible to provide best internet facility at lowest monthly charges. ISP introduced these special plans for BSNL broadband without landline having greater FUP limits in each plan.

Across India, some of the customers are thinking like this. Iam looking for a BSNL broadband connection for home with available unlimited data package of non combo without landline phone. so that I do not have to pay bills for phone talks and pay bills only for the internet package.

To solve the problems of all these type of customers, ISP introduced BSNL broadband without landline with new launch of some special plans (BBO ULD 799, BBO ULD 949, BBO ULD 1199 and BBO ULD 1449) from 2Mbps to 8Mbps download speed in addition to the existing best high speed combo / non combo unlimited broadband plans on PAN India basis.

These new plans offered with higher fair usage policy limit and also with 1Mbps bandwidth after FUP limit. With this introduction, we can’t see about the complaints raised from the customer about the phones for out of order cases which is not restored within a reasonable time limit.

This new plans of BSNL broadband without landline connection will be offered to customers having the following tariff in the mentioned table with some of the facilities / conditions.
  • Voice facility is Not Available.
  • No Telephone instrument is to be provided.
  • No rental charges towards Landline.
  • No Registration / Landline Installation / Landline security deposit.

BSNL Broadband without Landline - Special Internet Plans Tariff

ParticularsBBO ULD 799BBO ULD 949BBO ULD 1199BBO ULD 1449
Download Speed with FUPUpto 2 Mbps till 10GBUpto 2 Mbps till 20GBUpto 4Mbps till 30GBUpto 8 Mbps till 40GB
Speed after FUP Limit1Mbps
ApplicabilityOnly at those places, where BSNL is not able to provide voice facility
Monthly Charges (Rs)79994911991449
Annual Payment Option (Rs.)8789104391318915939
Two Years Payment Option (Rs.)16779199292517930429
Three Years Payment Option (Rs.)23970284703597043470
Free E-mail IDs/Space1/1 GB
Static IP Address (On Request)NAOne @ Rs.2000 p.a. additional
The existing one month minimum hire period and payment of one month security deposit for DSL / Fibernet broadband plan of existing will be continued as earlier only.

At present these “Broadband only’ plans are offered at only those places where BSNL is not able to provide voice facility. All these DSL broadband plans are also available to customer on Fibernet(FTTH) service with same tariff.

For more queries to clarify on these special plans of BSNL broadband without landline connection, users can call and spoke to BSNL customer care executive at 18003451504 or directly apply your broadband connection online. These plans are available from 01.08.2016 by offering all existing facilities like data usage check for your broadband, online payment and many more.

So from now, It is not necessary to have landline for broadband. Customers who don’t requires BSNL landline are irked by the fact can have a chance to get BSNL broadband without landline telephone which is not necessary to avail high speed internet DSL services.
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  1. BBG Combo UL 675 plan costing 675 rs (excluding tax) monthly is the plan with landline + broadband, 2 Mbps till 2 GB.

    Please provide without landline this same plan at reduced cost with same 2 Mbps till 2 GB. Then only without voice plans useful for general public so that more users can opt for new broadband connection from BSNL.

    1. Absolutely correct. Bsnl must think over to reduce the rates of broadband plan Rs. 675/-

    2. I too agree the above suggestions.

  2. This is good. I want to know whether this facility can be availed by the customers anywhere in Tamil Nadu.

    1. I want to know whether modem connection will be allowed,and it will be supplied?

  3. What about modem? Do you provide modem

  4. Excellent. Is it going to work? Already 20 of FTTH customers in Bangalore south surrendered their connections after 10 days of outage and no response from BSNL.

  5. i would like to have one BSNL Broad band connection with out land line but as brought out BBGUL 675 plan to be provided at lower cost as the land line facelity will not be there

  6. I have been looking for land line/wimax/FTTH/high speed internet cable service. However, none of the above is available at my residence. i am depending on wireless internet. My current use is over 30GB/moth and is very expensive and speed in unreliable compared to those who have high speed internet. Can any one assist me?

  7. I am old customer of BSNL B.B.COMBO U.L PLAN, I AM GETTING this service from franchise in our area. He installed land line telephone instrument. Now to avail this new plan of BB WITHOUT TELEPHONE INSTRUMENT what should I do..

  8. Thanks to bsnl for without landline for broadband and provide the broadband price like 500,600,700 plans without any taxes so many middle class families wanted to get the internet connection.

  9. I have been looking for BSNL Broadband without Landline 1199 Per month service. However, none of the above is available at my residence. i am depending on wireless internet. My current use is over 50GB/moth and is very expensive and speed in unreliable compared to those who have high speed internet. Can any one assist me? can afford with the PLAN BBO ULD 1199 Upto 4 MBPS if any BSNL OFFICER try to give me this plan who may contact at email id or my mobile no. 08191099710...... location is ""Arcadian Public School, Nauhjheel-Bajna Road, Bajna, Near Taj Highway Yamuna Expressway Mathura Uttar Pradesh"" currently i am also using BSNL Wimax Unlimited plan (HOW UNLIMITED 750) but Now I changed my mind to get 4 MBPS plan . But most of the BSNL officer in Mathura refused my request ............ Some Please give them Courage to encourage to provide me 4Mbps plan in BSNL Broadband without Landline 1199 Per month I will paid Annual rent for this plan......

    1. BSNL Broadband without Landline Plan 1449 is also good 8Mbps 40 gb post 1 mbps

  10. In my residence there is no landline service available... can i get this broadband plan in my place. And also i want to know the total installation charge for bsnl wimax.


  12. dear sir
    in my area the road is under construction thus my broadband is disconneted from 24 july but my bill is comming till now i got no responce from everyone so i am distrubed . PLEASE HELP ME ANYBODY

  13. Sir,
    Presently I am using BSNL Data card for the internet surfing.I will recharge according to my need.Can use the data card for this scheme? If so what is the tariff rate