Last updated: 19 July 2016
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Relaunched High Speed Broadband Plans as Regular Tariff

In many areas, BSNL has relaunched high speed special broadband plans as a regular tariff from north to south india to give strong competition for private internet service providers and to prove the best at any time.

1. ISP ReLaunched the special internet plans ‘BBG ULD 545 CS131’, ‘BBG Combo ULD 675 CS132’, ‘BBG ULD 795 CS133’, ‘BBG Combo ULD 845 CS134’, and ‘BBG Combo ULD 945 CS135’ on regular basis in Kalyan area of Maharashtra Telecom Circle having the following internet tariff.
These above tariff will be implemented with effect from 19th July 2016 as a regular tariff only in Kalyan secondary switching area of Maharashtra telecom circle.

2. BSNL introduced BBG Combo ULD 645 CS71 internet plan for Pune service area netizens of Maharashtra circle as a promotional offer up to February mid. After that due to various requests from the customers, ISP has now relaunched the same ADSL broadband plan as a regular tariff with effect from 12th July 2016.

3. As we all know, our telecom brand introduced special add on voice packs to offer unlimited free calls of Local and Std to any landline / mobile networks during day and night.

These special add on voice packs for landline under broadband combo plans in selected service areas (Jaipur of Rajasthan Circle, Faridabad and Gurgaon of Haryana, Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur & Gwalior of MP) of BSNL will be launched as a promotional offer. Now with continuous response from the customers, BSNL relaunched this offer fro a period of 90 days with effect from 15th July 2016.

4. ISP introduced four types of special internet plans with high fair usage policy limit applicable for selected service areas in Tamilnadu telecom circle. At first, these are introduced as a special offer upto 12th July 2016. Due to overwhelming response from the customers above the below mentioned tariff.
ISP has decided to relaunch the special offer broadband plans as a regular tariff to be available at any time for customers with huge FUP limit in each plan from 13th July 2016 only in selected service areas of Tamilnadu.

5. BSNL, the pioneer brand now relaunched the successful BBG Combo ULD 749 CS136 internet plan on regular basis only in Indore SSA of Madyapradesh telecom with available tariff. This plan will be offered in those locations/colonies of Indore SSA where there is a matching competition from private operators with effect from 19th July 2016.

As per the above seen updations, users can understand about BSNL and its keen watch on market movements by offering best innovative broadband plans and unlimited calling plans to all india networks with out any confusion. It is a great thing from our telecom brand in entire India to all telecom users, So be with BSNL and be proud to be a BSNL customer.
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  1. sir, At present i am in combo 945. now a days i am not in position to open attachment. and also very slow when compared with private operators. i am thinking of cancelling from 1st october 2016. varadaraj 9845130161.