Last updated: 04 July 2016
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Free WiFi Modem and BSNL Cash Back Offers Extended

Today present market runs on deals on daily basis, for that BSNL also introduced many offers like Free WiFi Modem and BSNL Cash Back Offers recently and got more success rate with increased sales day by day. To maintain the same, and to win the BSNL customer  hearts, ISP extended many promotional offes as follows.

1. BSNL Regularized the most successful unlimited internet plan ‘BBG Combo UL 5500 CS73’, which offers to customers as BSNL Zero Rental Plan for Broadband Charges by introducing Annual Broadband subscription to avoid regular bill payment.

At present this BSNL Zero Rental Broadband Plan is already offered as a regular tariff plan in Godhra, Jamnagar Areas, but for due to heavy response with many requests even after the promotional offer. This zero rental plan of BSNL for Himatnagar has now regularized in Gujarat Telecom from 8th July 2016.

2. BSNL introduced Unlimited free calling offer Add on packs for Local and STD calls of any network during 24 hours in some selected areas with some conditions. To offer the best, the same facility has been extended to Ahmedabad Secondary Service Area BSNL broadband combo plan customers with the same tariff.

3. To offer the best in the broadband market for physical equipments also , i.e. BSNL Modems which plays a major role in availing internet services. ISP introduced the special offer to issue a free modem to broadband customer as a promotional scheme for limited period.

Due to overwhelming response in the market from customers, BSNL decided to extent this Free Modem offer for another limited period of time upto 30th September 2016 for the customers who subscribed for yearly and higher payment option of a BSNL broadband plan.

4. As we all know BSNL has recently introduced free broadband deal for Indian internet customers as a promotional offer for New BSNL customer who migrates from another operator. This special deal is available to customers by waiving of monthly broadband subscription and installation charges and also by offering 500 Free calls to all Indian telecom networks for a period of one month.

To offer the best for all Indian Internet users as a welcome gift of BSNL. ISP relaunched this new promotional scheme, who are migrating to BSNL broadband services for another limited period of time from 1st July 2016 to 30th September 2016.

5. All Indian BSNL broadband users are very happy with the introduction of amazing cash back offer for broadband customers as a special scheme launched by our most dependable operator for new customers to avail free broadband WiFi modem available upto 31st March 2016.

Due to great response across India for this 100% BSNL Cash back offer, ISP has extended this upto 30th June 2016 with applicability of this, to old or already subscribed BSNL broadband plan customers. But due to the same increasing response day by day, BSNL has now extended this promotional scheme of BSNL Cash back offer on WiFi Modem upto 30th September 2016.

So, its now the time to get hurry to avail these extended special offers (BSNL Free Modem Offer / BSNL Cash Back Offer) of BSNL which will be available for a limited period of time to enjoy the best broadband deals available across India applicable to all BSNL broadband customers.
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  1. Would like to know the facility of unlimited call from landline to any network (broadband plan) in Assam telecom region or not

  2. Yes you have such facility in assam also, like BBG750,BBG845,BBG999 etc..
    On which apart from unlimited broadband u got 9pm to 7 am free call to any network within India.

  3. I am in Tamilndu. why Bsnl can not introduce all planes in all states

  4. Do you have this faclity in coimbatore, tamilnadu. What will be the monthly tariff rates.

  5. I am your Old customer for about 20 years from Patliputra Exchange at Patna,Bihar. I approached various authorities, including Divisional Engineer of the Patliputra Exchange for a new telephone connection with Broad Band, but, all and the top most authority of the Exchange shown their inability to provide it even in next six months and further, due to non availability of DP at Digha area of Patna and that New Cable laying is totally uncertain in the area due to non provision of cable for this purpose from their higher authorities. How can I then get this limited time offer ?