Last updated: 29 July 2016
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Unlimited 3G Data Packs Introduced with Speed Throttling

As on date BSNL unlimited 3G data packs are available for North and South zones. Now after clearing of all technical issues, PSU introduced BSNL unlimited 3G data packs in many for eastern area (Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East) in more quantity than already available for other zones.

With this new introduction, East zone smartphone / USB data card users can have a chance to choose from variety of BSNL 3G plans. With this a mobile customer can enjoy the world of benefits with unlimited wireless internet through BSNL mobile services, which will brings the user experience of BSNL mobile broadband.
BSNL Unlimited 3G Data Packs North
In this New launch of special BSNL unlimited 3G data packs, PSU introduced six data packs(351, 451, 651, 751, 851, 951) for East zone mobile users. These plans are offered with free unlimited data usage having speed throttling after FUP limit mentioned, and these packs are in addition to existing Pan India cheapest 3G data packs of BSNL.

Now a days, Mobile users can’t move with out mobile data, because he/she connects with the world of social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc.. and with many more financial transactions also from anywhere continuously. For all the requirement’s, mobile user requires high speed unlimited data facility.

So our PAN India telecom brand, to offer the wireless broadband to their mobile customers with unlimited data has now introduced the best BSNL unlimited 3G data packs with some speed restriction having the following best data STV tariff.

BSNL Unlimited 3G Data Packs for East Zone

STV PriceFree BSNL 3G Data Usage OfferedFUP* limit without speed throttlingValidity of Unlimited High Speed Data Packs

Unlimited Data available with FUP
1.5 GB

28 Days
4512.5 GB
6515.5 GB
7517 GB
8518 GB
9519 GB
**Fair Usage Policy (FUP) = Post free usage browsing/download speed will be throttled to 80Kbps in each unlimited packs.

So, buy the best prepaid mobile sim from BSNL, enjoy unlimited mobile internet at affordable tariff rates. These unlimited mobile broadband plans are available online to recharge, having a choice to choose the best according with usage.

This new tariff will be available from 1st August 2016 as a promotional offer for 90days in East Zone circles (Kolkata, Odisha, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East). Where the implementation of BSNL unlimited 3G data packs date will be intimated to BSNL mobile customers by the concerned circle through SMS / media.
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  1. It should be at least 512 kbps after throttle or the pack is totally waste

  2. When it is going to be introduced in the East Zone?

  3. Throttled speed is 80 kilo bits or bytes?

    1. b = bits. B = bytes.

  4. Now people are not satisfied with 4g speed. Then who will mind for 80Kbps ???

    1. 4G is 4G, 3G is 3G

  5. Hi I m from U P how to activate unlimited net pack

  6. BSNL had broadcasted that their wired service will speed upto 1mbps from 512kbps post FUP. My experience since 24-Sep-16 is that they are now throttling down to 80kbps even for wired connections. 1mbps post FUP is a myth or a deliberate lie.