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BSNL Roars into Profits by 2019 | Introducing 4G Technology

BSNL the giant is roaring back again. BSNL being the one and only one public sector which is coming back again. After a decade of troubles for sanctions and technology upgrades, BSNL is not in a mood to think about the past. Past is Past, yes BSNL is trying to coupe up its losses not by thinking of the old memories, just by learning a good set of rules from its past failures.

Failures are stepping stones for success is going to be proved for BSNL. BSNL is putting its learning in to latest technology upgrades, team management, increasing the customer reach and energising its own team by dislocating the myth that old PSU culture from them.

These are not words, this is being represented with stats, according to the latest estimates BSNL is going to declare operating profit of Rs.3,378 crore which is around three times of its last year operation profit.
BSNL Profits 2019
BSNL is targeting a revenue of Rs.30,000 crore with a growth rate of around 11%. This is being supported by its growth of 40% which is the highest ever in enterprise services space. Furthermore BSNL is reducing its debts to Rs.5000 crore from Rs.7000 crore.

These details are for current state of business, but going further BSNL is planning to replace Old Base Transfer Stations (BTS) of GSM services with latest equipment's, to support new technology mobile user needs. As earlier said BSNL is concentrating on data communications rather than voice. As the potential revenue is their in data market.

As BSNL already allows all 2G customers to get 3G data speeds at the same 2G price and proved as best telecom. As these are not going to words for actionable points. BSNL is going to spend Rs.5000 crore on this technology upgrades and expansions.

For a point Phase 1 of Next Generation Network (NGN) roll out at 672 exchanges is completed. In Phase 2, urban areas are going to be covered and in Phase 3 for rural areas, which data services like e-education, e-Medicine, IPTV and many more services will be available to all its subscribers.

BSNL is planning to go 4G roll-out in selected circles along with a partner which are already at discussion stage. Increase in 4G based WiFi hotspots with best tariff from 2,500 to 40,000 with in next two years with a technology which can automatically swap between WiFi and Mobile data. This new technology can also offer super speeds for the user at low cost. This is going to be the big bang revenue hot spot for BSNL.

Furthermore, BSNL is energised with its invaluable assets like its infrastructure, Team spread and finally its human resource. BSNL has to utilise these assets in a revenue model bring each asset responsible its revenue. Finally we all wish the best for Team BSNL to generate profits by 2019.
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  1. When is 4g sim available? Can i get 4g sim by this month end?

    1. BSNL will not give 4G sim but in wifi hotspots you can enjoy beyond 4G speed, which is presently available in major town and cities.

  2. Having greatest resources in the market this service side of the bsnl is very poor it is not matter of discussion are comment the customers itself speak about it.

  3. Having greatest resources in the market this service side of the bsnl is very poor it is not matter of discussion are comment the customers itself speak about it.

  4. Please introduce something new in my part of the world.we are stuck with 2G and worst nobody in a mood to do anything.Request the minister concerned, to look into and help us have better telecom. From,Karnataka,Mangalore Taluk.Area exchange KARNIRE,PIN-574154 Rural

  5. WE are very glad that finally BSNL is going to provide 4G .Please let us know whether we a can expect 4 G in Pune soon. we are fed up of Airtel services and we would welcome BSNL 4G to come to Pune soon to counter Airtel monopoly. I have a BSNL broadband and I am happy with the services.Pravin

  6. To compete with private operators please provide atleast 20 gbs in plan 749 instead of giving 8 gbs at present.

  7. Hope dreams become reality .. Tough days ahead in telcon sector with more competition getting unleased by Jio .. !

  8. S, BSNL is the no.1 state owned Telecom sector, having huge both infra & HR base,but unfortunate not adopted proper marketing skills by the top level mgmnt fellow groups, youth, students,lower income groups, employees, small industries are neglected like any thing, no attractive plans/ tarriffs for them at par with pvt cell optrs, the field unit officers, staff union people who had close relations with common people are not a part in policy making at least feedback reg public demanded tarriffs ... assets @ lakh crorez are damzing like any thing no plans for proper mtcens or utilizzation ... only 30% struggling for 100% payments. Since inception of new cmd sir, the company is moving forward n shining little bit, if no politicians involved it will glow n grew ... other wise it will sink... >> Hoping all good best for the services providing by BSNL ... 2017>>>>

  9. what is the use?we ae not getting full speed even in 2G

  10. Bsnl will outgrow other operators in the near future. Only thing lower level staff who is having direct contact with subsscriber should act more vigourously than now. Then marketing also they should concentrate more. Then nobody can stop BSNL. BSNL ZINDABAD!