Last updated: 06 July 2016
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BSNL Odisha WiMax Plans | Wireless Broadband New Tariff

Finally after long time, our ISP introduced BSNL Odisha WiMax Plans specially, by designing the unlimited internet wireless broadband tariff with free roaming and with free installation for wimax configuration to all home and business users.

As we all know about WiMAX (WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) and how it works, and how provides the internet facility. After the closure of wireless broadband services due to return of spectrum in some of the states. Our Public Sector Undertaking, now introduced special BSNL Odisha WiMAX plans in wireless segment by offering high speed connectivity.

In this 2016, BSNL offers this best WiMax Plans at affordable charges for home and business customers of BSNL Odisha as regular WiMax Plans HOWI UL 1200 CS2, HOWI UL 1499 CS3 for home users and BUWI UL 8000 CS4 for business users through airwaves with out tension for wired internet services.
BSNL Odisha WiMax Plans Unlimited Internet
Actually this new BSNL Odisha WiMax Plans applicable for Home users are offered with 1Mbps and 2Mbps download speed with single user connectivity. Another high speed unlimited internet wimax broadband plan BSNL BUWI UL800 CS4 will be offered only for business users of Orissa telecom circle with Multi user connectivity by allowing 3Mbps download speed.

In this New BSNL Odisha WiMax Plans, Free eMail id with 1GB free online storage account on bsnl domain network will be offered as usually like for wired broadband services. The existing conditions for security and minimum hire period will be applicable as usually like for wired broadband services. Furthermore, lets take a look about the below new wireless broadband tariff.

BSNL Odisha WiMax Plans New Unlimited Internet Tariff

Odisha WiMax Plans HOWI UL 1299 CS2 HOWI UL 1499 CS3 BUWI UL 8000 CS4
Bandwidth (wherever technically feasible) Upto 1 Mbps Upto 2 Mbps Upto 3 Mbps
Applicability All Home users of Orissa All Business users of Orissa
Single/Multi Users (SU/MU) Single User Multi User
Activation/Installation charges in Rs Free Installation Offer Available
Monthly Charges for WiMax in Rs 1299 1499 8000
Yearly Bill Payment discounted charges 14289 16489 88000
FMC for Indoor/Outdoor CPE on Rent in Rs 40
FMC for USB Dongle offered on Rent in Rs 30
Free Email ID/Space 1/1 GB
The above said wireless broadband plans are available only in Odisha telecom circle in addition to the existing All India WiMax Internet Tariff. So internet users will have a chance to subscribe for either old wireless broadband plans or for latest special BSNL Odisha WiMax Plans.

Therefore this new special BSNL Odisha WiMax Plans will be available at any time on regular basis from 20th June 2016. So broadband required users, its now have a best chance to subscribe for wireless internet services to enjoy the rapid speed wireless internet connectivity at your home or office on subscription with latest BSNL Odisha broadband plans.
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  1. Is there any Broadband Plans available for Rajasthan (Bikaner) Circle?

    1. Bikaner Is a District(SSA) Of Rajasthan circle all BSNL plans available in mobile segment you can see very well by downloading BSNL App on any android phone which is a multi purpose app . For land line site can clear your all doubts.kc swarnkar

  2. Home users with 1Mbps and 2Mbps download speed with single user connectivity latest special BSNL Odisha WiMax Plans : Best Plan