Last updated: 10 June 2016
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BSNL WiFi Recharge Validity Increased upto 14 times

Telecom major announcing special offers every day, now we are presenting the special BSNL offers introduced regarding BSNL WiFi Recharge plans of 4G based WiFi hotspots by increasing the recharge validity upto 14 times from the existing tariff.

Along with the revision of the validity in BSNL WiFi recharge vouchers, cost of the special tariff voucher also revised by decreasing the value upto 33 percent from the present cost (already available promotional offer) in each pack of the tariff list.

As of now , some of the WiFi data customers are thinking and talking that, BSNL increasing the tariff and other charges, who get paid enormous amounts for just doing nothing, for those, this is surprising to see that on one hand with these newly introduced promotional offers about BSNL WiFi recharge validity and price.
BSNL WiFi Recharge Offer
In this new promotional offer, BSNL WiFi Recharge vouchers of Q Fi Hotspots (Life at 5G) allows speed of minimum 2Mbps and upto 20Mbps in each service area by offering same and reduced price in each pack (BSNL WiFi 30, 50, 90, 150). In this special offer, BSNL WiFi 30 offers More data and increased validity upto 7times from now, and BSNL WiFi50 allows 14times increased validity along with extended data too. Where WiFi 90 and WiFi150 allows extended validity show in table.

BSNL WiFi Recharge Hotspot Plans – Bonanza Special Offer

BSNL WiFi Recharge Validity Offer Tariff
BSNL is planning to increase high speed broadband penetration in India with quality internet services at a nominal fees. So public of the country ought to cooperate for the growth of India directly with their valuable subscription for BSNL.

So wireless internet customers Activate BSNL WiFi Hotspot and access BSNL QFi 5G based WiFi data in your area with new BSNL WiFi recharge hotspot plans at a nominal price which are lowest in Indian telecom market never offered, where this new BSNL WiFi recharge hotspot plans promotional offer will be available for a limited period of time from 27th May 2016 to 24th August 2016 only.
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