Last updated: 11 June 2016
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BSNL Internet Plans at 24Mbps Speed Introduced

As a PAN India network company, ISP is offering All India BSNL Internet Plans in a common structure as uniform internet plans on different technologies (ADSL, VDSL, Fibernet) with a free landline telephone number facility by providing unlimited free calling to any network in India during night time in each plan.

But after that, to compete with others, there is difference in the speed and speed throttling limit in different BSNL circles depending upon the cities according to the matching competition of that area with other Inter Service Providers. In this context only, ISP launches special new BSNL Internet plans Hyderabad declared by offering the increased speed rapidly upto 24Mbps at best prices only for BSNL Hyderabad telecom district broadband users on VDSL technology which is totally a special gift.
BSNL Internet Plans Hyderabad
In this new Hyderabad BSNL Internet plans on VDSL technology, the cap system (using broadband limit and thereafter speed decreases) also increased upto 50GB in BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 645 VDSL CS148 and 100GB in BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1045 VDSL CS149 plan, where after the FUP limit, the speed also available at Mbps only, so just see the following tariff structure how user provides the New Hyderabad BSNL Internet plans along with applicability of BSNL free night calling facility.

BSNL Internet Plans Hyderabad New Tariff

BSNL Internet Plans Hyderabad New 24Mbps Tariff
In Hyderabad telecom district, ISP already offers upto 16Mbps speed through VDSL technology for the customers at lowest tariff as mentioned below, but after this new launch of 24Mbps, internet users will have a best choice to subscribe for 24Mbps broadband speed at almost for the same monthly price of 16Mbps plan with applicability of Add on plan for free calling at any time.
As of now some of the users in Hyderabad think that, why can’t a Government organization provide its best speed plans compared to private ISPs. For this Hyderabad customers, who are thinking about the private Internet service providers for provision of broadband services can surely now have a choice to select various best BSNL Internet Plans in Hyderabad at huge amount of speed with minimal amount as monthly charges.
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  1. बीएसएनएल की कोई भी सर्विस केवल मेट्रो सिटी वालो के लिए है हम उत्तर प्रदेश में रहते है यहाँ पर इस तरह की कोई शुविदा वाला प्लान नही है एक भारत होने के बावजूद हम उतरी भारतीयों के साथ बेद भावो किया जाता है सारी शुक्क शुविदा का हक़ केवल मेट्रो सिटी वालों को है हमारे यहाँ इस तरह के प्लान के लिए २२०० रूपए देने होगे और भी फाइबर ऑप्टिकल प्लान नही है यानी की कोई प्लान ही नहीं है हमारे लिए प्रदान मंत्री को डायरेक्ट पत्र लिक्क कर पूछना होगा लगता है

  2. We want BSNL Internet Plans at 5-10Mbps Speed for Himachal Pradesh,Hamirpur.

  3. again it is not tamilnadu but only AP
    BSNL has totally forgotten TN. only thing we got is frequent drop in signal both for mobile and frequent drop in speed in BB

    1. All State capital must have the high speed internet at reasonable rates without any discrimination

  4. we should note that govt is expanding facilities and a day will come when whole of india will come under these facilities

  5. BSNL is not concerned about launching such plans for the northeastern States. Metro cities where people has so many options to choose from. BSNL gives there gud plans. But places where in back Ward States where people suffer BSNL don't even think of providing a good service

  6. BSNL sucks they are still using copper wires in the Backward Areas (Fiber only in Metro Cities). They don't even care to upgrade from copper to fiber cause this will cost them and when it comes to increase service tax BSNL makes the first move very swiftly. Well Reliance Jio along with it's 4G LTE service also preparing to provide FTTH (Fiber To The Home) Service in 900 cities and Towns also. It's just a matter of time that all will left BSNL nobody will ask this pathetic BSNL company.

    You can also check for Reliance Jio FTTH service on google.

  7. I am from mega city AHMEDABAD[GUJARAT]. As a BSNL Customer, it is good that BSNL has started providing the HIGHER SPEED to its CUSTOMERS in a selected CITIES. But at the same time the CHARGES RECOVERED AGAINST HIGH SPEED NETWORK and NORMAL SPEED NETWORK requires to be REVISED. What is needed to meet with justice is to CHARGE LESS MONTHLY according to the FACILITY PROVIDED. THE CHARGES NEED REVISION ACCORDING TO HIGH SPEED AND NORMAL SPEED [ AFTER FUP ]. It is a matter of a great surprise that NO SUCH IMPORTANCE IS GIVEN BY BSNL AND IGNORED FROM THE BEST SPEED OF BROADBAND.

  8. max revenue generating state is kerala bsnl speed is very pathetic.we are being used 675 plan we never get the speed above 300kpbs.and also we couldnt get 1gb data for the speed of 2mp .very bad service in kerala.stafss are also do not have any idea related internet.they just know how to play in copper wire.

  9. बीएसएनएल की कोई भी सर्विस केवल मेट्रो सिटी वालो के लिए है हम उत्तर प्रदेश East Circle में रहते है यहाँ पर इस तरह की कोई High Speed वाला प्लान नही है एक भारत होने के बावजूद हम उतरी भारतीयों के साथ बेद भाव किया जाता है सारी सुख सुविधा केवल मेट्रो सिटी वालों को है हमारे यहाँ इस तरह के प्लान के लिए हमे कब तक इंतज़ार करना हो गा । बड़े शर्म की बात है कि उत्तर प्रदेश (पूर्व सर्किल) मे कुछ नहीं दिया है

  10. I have Registered my name & waiting for new Combo connection since 2013. No response from BSNL. Karkala, Udupi-Dist -Karnataka State

  11. When Kerala will get this facility? Last 4 years I was having 999 plan and recently I changed to Reliance 3 which gives better speed.