Last updated: 20 June 2016
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BSNL Bangalore Super Speed VDSL Broadband Plan Released

In an endeavor to offer the best, BSNL Bangalore Super Speed VDSL Broadband Plan Released Newly with attractive tariff providing unlimited internet for your home or business at affordable price with multiple payment options by allowing special discounts on each subscription at BSNL Bangalore Telecom District.

This newly introduced BSNL Bangalore Super Speed VDSL Broadband Plan( BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1749 CS152) for Bangalore broadband users will allows the data download speed at 10Mbps having post fair usage policy limit allowing 2Mbps speed after 30GB data downloads by offering special discount on yearly, two year and 3year subscriptions.

This new special VDSL broadband plans shall also allowed the best facility for landline broadband users i.e. BSNL Free calling plan for unlimited talking from landline to any network mobile and landline users through out India with out any extra charges.

This New BSNL Bangalore Super Speed VDSL Broadband Plan (BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1749 CS152) will be available as a promotional offer from 15th June 2016 to 12th September 2016 to offer the best for Bangalore netizens. This new BSNL VDSL unlimited combo broadband plan will also provides one BSNL email id with 1GB free online data storage along with provision of one static ip address who requires with extra charges, take a look about he detailed tariff

BSNL Bangalore Super Speed VDSL Broadband Plan Tariff

BSNL Bangalore Super Speed VDSL Broadband Plan
This above DSL Broadband plan will also available on Fiber to Home network with same tariff

Apart from the above BSNL Bangalore Super Speed VDSL Broadband Plan for the netizens, PSU has also upgraded the bandwidth in some Fibernet broadband plans, which offers 40Mbps and 60Mbps download speed for all the existing and new broadband internet connections.

After the up gradation of bandwidth, BSNL allows same existing speed upto FUP limit, and extra speed after FUP limit in each fiber to home broadband plan (Fibro BBG ULD 1395 CS18 and Fibro BBG ULD 1995 CS19) offered only for BSNL Bangalore Telecom, where this upgraded tariff will be applicable from 1st July 2016, so take a look about the detailed ultra speed fibernet tariff for Bangalore broadband users with new revised tariff as below.
BSNL Bangalore 60Mbps Fibernet plans revised tariff
With this new up gradation of bandwidth for existing fibernet broadband plans and new introduction of BSNL Bangalore Super Speed VDSL Broadband Plan will allows the Bangalore netizens to enjoy WiFi internet connection at best prices for every home or business in Bangalore with great BSNL discount offers.
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  1. Similar combo plans for small home users should be introduced with unlimited BB and all network free call .. Airtel is already in lead and BSNL should catch up .. !

  2. Iam home user of BBG ULD 1495 plan in SALEM CITY. BSNL gives to me only 4 Mbps bandwidth upto 30GB and therafter only 512Kpbs.. I pay Rs1800/-monthly.Why this discrimination to small town users. Either BSNL increase the speed to us as par with big cities, if not possible atleast reduce the cost. Many of my friends have alaready swithed over to private operaters. Being Ex govt servant I am loyal to BSNL tillnow

  3. Kindly do the same in J & K Srinagar, as we are facing a lot of problem with as the browsing speed is 250-466kbps, which should be 4Mbps according to plan. so various customers think that it is wastage of money.