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BSNL driving GCI Ranking of India to best by 2017

Do you know, how BSNL driving GCI Ranking of India to the best by 2017, for this you may surely check this now. Actually, what is Huawei GCI? it is Global connectivity index with 44th rank in Huawei GCI for 2016. This GCI index is based on the objectives of Supply, Demand, Experience and Potential which in turn encompasses towards GDP growth.

Targeting last mile connectivity will bring broadband penetration and drive technologies to the remote pockets of the country enabling to drive the technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud across PAN India which is the vision of our PM Modiji with the project Digital India towards driving GCI Ranking of India, BSNL is the solid pillar driving Digital India Project by establishing National Optical Fiber Network which is BharatNet now.

Are you thinking how broadband penetration will affect the GDP of our country? As per World Bank 10% increase in the broadband penetration will increase 1.38% per capita GDP in developing countries. With broadband penetration Digital India project is aimed to provide services like e-education, e-medicine, e-Visas, Digital wallets to store important documents, FDI in e-Commerce, Digitalization.
BSNL driving GCI Ranking of India
For all these you and we require high speed connectivity. In late 80’s and early 90’s computers are meant for storing data, after that computerization is being used for our day to day activities and presently Information and Communication Technology is becoming a game changer to gain exponential strategic growth by bringing the technology to address common man needs. As per United Nations Millennium Development Goals broadband applications are useful needs which are said above and also broadband connectivity may improve sanitation, energy production, export commodities and to bring food security.

BSNL Broadband will help to widen the markets, it acts like a catalyst to minimize the gap between urbanization and rural developments, it will make information available to the respective areas on the fly, connects directly producers and consumers, it will lower the transaction costs and at last brings the cost affordable to all. There is no field or sector which doesn’t use broadband/ICT for its growth, but now BSNL driving GCI Ranking of India to best by 2017 in a way of participation.

BSNL is the only company which having coverage of Wireless broadband across pan India. Laying a cable for all last mile connectivity is not profitable and as our countries geographical conditions may not support for cable laying. BSNL wireless coverage is bringing all of us to leverage the benefits of internet. It is not exaggeration that due to BSNL network penetration e-Commerce field was benefited like anything and all its subscribers are purchasing items which are not available at their local stores.

Now a days we are capturing GB’s of individual data collectively it is going in to Zeta Bytes of data, to convert data in to information we require cloud services and also huge bandwidth. With that information generated from the captured data, we can change anything from personal needs to professional needs. BSNL makes this to happen across India not only restricted to urban areas.

BSNL, the only telecom company having strong impression in wired internet services is our farourite brand with best BSNL broadband packs, but in the wireless broadband BSNL is lacking a bit and these wireless broadband subscribers are mostly populated in urban areas, only BSNL is having wireless broadband subscribers in rural areas now trying to reach for all at any where.

To speed up rural broadband project, BSNL is trying out to push WiFi based internet network to connect One Lakh Village Panchayats with high speed internet connectivity and also testing this concept in three villages of Rajasthan. In this testing BSNL has setup WiFi network for around six kilometers with WiFi towers and also provided around 500 connections including schools. BSNL is trying to do its best effort to connect the maximum number of villages with in stipulated time. With this technology BSNL may minimize the Capex and Opex costs.

As the cost of BharatNet / NOFL is shot up to 72,000 crores from envisaged 21,000 crores. This capital cost is really a big hit to fast execution of the project. For the same Bharat Broadband Network's (BBNL) chairman and managing director Aruna Sundararajan, who is also administrator of the Universal Services Obligation Fund (USOF), which is the principal funding agency for the national broadband rollout? Ms Sundarrajan said that DoT and USOF are exploring the ways to address this additional funds requirement.

BSNL again proved, that it is not only driving to profits but also improvising our country’s GDP by increasing broadband penetration, and as BSNL driving GCI Ranking of India to best by 2017 with participation in BharatNet/NOFL in part of digital India project makes Huawei GCI rankings far better than this year rank, which is targeted for 2017. Thanks BSNL for improving the standards of life not only in urban India but also at rural remote India.
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