Last updated: 12 April 2016
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Chandigarh BSNL New Connection Online Booking Portal Launched

New Web Portal launched by Chandigarh team for BSNL New Connection Online Booking applicable only for the new customers to offer the quality BSNL landline broadband services at their door step with latest high speed BSNL internet plans.

BSNL Chandigarh team is the only team from northern part of India which is trying out to put its own mark across all BSNL northern circles. Just a few days back Telecom minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad conveyed that BSNL is lacking in marketing skills, but BSNL Chandigarh appears to be exception in this case.

BSNL Chandigarh team is trying to reach its customers in what ever way it is available to the team. It has released an new online web portal to be available to all its user base across 24x7 for BSNL New Connection Online Booking.
BSNL New Connection Portal Chandigarh
In the new BSNL web portal, you can browse information of different plans, apply for new connection and a simple registration form where you can drop your details, then immediately, concerned area respective team will respond for your request according to your requirement for landline broadband.

BSNL broadband plans really caters to all sections of people. Plans appear to be limited, but if you drill down to your requirements you may feel that BSNL plans are most suitable for all. BSNL plan selection option is there, where you can select the best suitable broadband plan for your best high speed internet downloads. Here is illustrated process for BSNL New Connection Online Booking, so just follow now as below to book new broadband connection.
  • Logon to Chandigarh New BSNL Portal.
  • Select Plans (New Combo Plans / Other Plans).
    1. Combo Plans offer four types of special bb plans launched only for BSNL Chandigarh.
    2. Other Plans will gives an option to select
      1. Data Limit
      2. Speed
      3. All Plans (Latest BSNL Broadband Plans)
  • According to your query, your required details will be displayed on the screen immediately for your reference.
Chandigarh BSNL New Connection Online Booking
After that, Fill the details (Name, Contact Phone Number, Address in detail) in prescribed online form, then immediately within a short time, Chandigarh area BSNL Team will approach you soon with all the details to provide the new broadband connection.

Chandigarh Area, Internet required new customers can now have a best chance to get broadband services, utilize this, if you want to reach BSNL just register and put your request. This new BSNL portal is self driven option where it will give ample information about your requirement . While selecting / browsing different plans available with BSNL New Connection Online Booking, you can freeze your internet with the relative speed and cost along with respective Fair Usage Policy data limit option available in each broadband plan of chandigarh.
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