Last updated: 15 April 2016
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BSNL Kalyan Broadband Speed Increased with New Plans

Our Telecom brand continuously watching the market conditions and introduced new plans by upgrading BSNL Kalyan Broadband Speed as per internet user requirements of this area to enjoy high speed browsing and downloads at affordable charges as a new scheme.

Kalyan, the part of Mumbai Metropolitan having highest literacy rate at above 93% with Marathi as the main language, which is also known as Mumbai region's exit station to North and South India having highest internet density with many service providers.

Even with many competitors, BSNL Kalyan Broadband provides the best internet services to their users in all areas with best customer care. As of now Kalyan internet users are being provided with All India BSNL broadband plans which are common for all, but now BSNL increased the bandwidth (download speed) of selected existing unlimited broadband plans in BSNL Kalyan Service area of Maharashtra.
BSNL Kalyan Broadband Speed Plans
At this time, ISP launchees BSNL Kalyan broadband speed plans BBG ULD 545 CS131, BBG Combo ULD 675 CS132, BBG ULD 795 CS133, BBG Combo ULD 845 CS134, and BBG Combo ULD 945 CS135 only for Kalyan Secondary Switching Area of Maharashtra.

These plans are the additional tariff for the existing common high speed internet plans. This new plans also offers most required free unlimited night calling facility to any network mobile and landline in India having unlimited internet for home and business with fair usage policy limit in each internet plan.

This kalyan internet tariff allows additional discounts on subscription for longer payments with out monthly rental charges having one mail id with 1GB free storage on bsnl domain with the following internet tariff.
BSNL Kalyan BB Speed Internet Tariff
Now Kalyan area netizens, who required broadband services, can now have a facility at bsnl portal to apply online for new subsciption to enjoy the new landline broadband services with latest BSNL Kalyan Broadband Speed plans having best high end telecom features at attractive tariffs.

At first, these new plans are available upto 19.06.2016 as a promotional offer for new subscription. After getting good response from the customers, BSNL regularised these plans from 19th July 2016. So search and choose the best BSNL as your Internet Service Provider, and have a thrill of speed internet with the above mentioned BSNL Kalyan broadband speed plans.
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  1. What bsnl officers will do for new lines at Yogidham??????
    What about repairs of old lines at Yogidham?
    What about various complaints by Sheeran Deshmukh?????

  2. This is totally wrong to give high speed services at cheaper price in only selected parts of India.We pay 675 for 1GB while others pay the same price 6GB.

    1. Sidarth You are correct.We pay 675 in kerala for 1gb after that they promise 512.but we get a speed of 0.25mp only.these bsnl staffs are sleeping and also our telephone got disconnected,bsnl officiasls saying that cable proble.even after two weeks we complained thing could do.

  3. Guys am getting 3.5 Mbps speed continuously. Are you getting also?

  4. It should be extended to all SSAs. Then it will be better.

  5. This is totally wrong to give high speed services at cheaper price in only selected parts of India.We pay 675 for 1GB while others pay the same price 6GB.