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BSNL Data Sharing for 3G Prepaid Mobile - New Launch

How can I activate BSNL Data Sharing facility in my mobile? and How to transfer my BSNL 3G Internet data from my mobile sim to another mobile of my friends and relatives is the most frequently asked question in many BSNL 3G users mind. To make a full stop for that, our Telecom has introduced BSNL Data Sharing facility for 3G mobile users to share their Unused data at any time..

As of now, we can see that unused mobile data will be added to the next recharge, but now BSNL launching the new facilities as per the user requirement, i.e. BSNL launched 3G data sharing facility from one to another mobile number which can be used in any GSM equipments(3G Dongles, iPads, Smartphones, Tablets etc).

Indian Telecom gaint introduced this BSNL 3G data sharing facility with simple process having no tricks involved, where BSNL 3G data user can easily transfer their unused 3G mobile data to another friends and family members at any time round the clock.
BSNL Data Sharing
If you consider a family, we generally find four to five members, and if all of the members requires to have a 3G data plan independently, its a costly affair and further more some numbers might not even consume the data for that plan. Finally we will end paying more and unequal consumption of data and respective payments.

This new BSNL Data Sharing facility will give a better control on the data usage and sharing of his 3G data to other friends and family members like as distribution. Suppose a family member who is in his graduation might be expecting more data consumption and younger one might be low and parents are much less than both, but when we are going for a data plan we generally go expecting high data consumption.

We love BSNL because of many things, but mainly for four reasons, which is the most impressive thing for all of us to consider at any time.
1. We can find BSNL signal at any pocket of the country even in remote areas.
2. BSNL plans are designed very simple and straight forward covering every need of PAN India.
3. BSNL Data plans are the best and cheapest among all the service providers.
4. Being a PSU, BSNL is driving the market according with present competitive market and as per the user requirement with many special offers.

At present this facility (BSNL 3G data sharing) will be available only through web with the below mentioned simple process on login to the respective BSNL Mobile Selfcare Portal account available for south zone mobile customers [Andhrapradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu (includes Chennai), Kerala, Karnataka]. Soon, this facility will be extended to all 2G prepaid customers as well as BSNL 3G data mobile users with new launch of web urls.

How to Share BSNL Internet Data from One SIM to Other in Prepaid Mobile

  • logon to BSNL Mobile Selfcare Portal
  • Enter Mobile Number, you will received a password to said mobile number immediately.
  • Enter password, then you will redirected to your mobile number portal account.
  • Under Friends & Family Tab, you will get the Group Account option.
  • Click on Group Account, you will get the below mentioned options.
    1. Create New Group
    2. Existing Group
    3. Recharge Group
  • In create new group, you will be allowed to create a maximum of five friends and family numbers.
  • In Existing group, you will allowed to modify, and delete the existing members of that group.
  • In Recharge group, you have an option to recharge with new required special recharge data sharing plan between the members.
BSNL 3G Data Sharing Process
Mobile users can check Frequently Asked Questions on BSNL Data Sharing Facility to clear their doubts. As on date, only WiFi (wireless) hotspots available through broadband routers or smartphones to allow the data sharing facility, but now BSNL directly allows the 3G data sharing facility between a group of members to avoid multiple data recharges through online from anywhere.

With this new BSNL internet sharing facility provided between friends and family members, BSNL prepaid mobile customers can get 3G speeds for your entire family with one single 3G data recharge having best facility on subscription with special prepaid BSNL Data Sharing Plans.
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  1. When BSNL will launch data share facility in Jharkhand

  2. seshadri ramanathan11 April 2016 at 15:52

    While sharing of 3G prepaid data is now permitted among a group of friends and/family members, can it be extended to the same person's other BSNL prepaid data cards also? What is the validity period in case of such sharing in case the sharing takes place just on the penultimate day of actual shared person to that of receiver?

    If the validity period is done away with as in the case of AIRTEL plans, it will be a welcoming sign.

    Since connectivity continues to remain as the main issue in ALL Prepaid BSNL 3G/2G etc, with reducing the validity alternate months (from 30 days to 18 days as of now for 1 GB DATA), the said scheme stands to lose it attraction. Your competitors in the field had already launched 4G services with reasonable charges where sharing / downloading / viewing videos are instant and there is no need to wait!! That technology development is expected from BSNL.

  3. how the data usage information given, suppose the data got exhausted, will the service stop giving a notification to single user, or the browsing continues with deduction from the main account with out user self confirmation for the same.

  4. what is the priority of data I.e which data gets consumed first, the group data or the sim,`s individual data,. or as like present system whichever data lasts long is consumed last.

  5. When the sharing facility will be avaliable to jharkhand customer

  6. provide sharing service for existing 3G plans and make it more choicable. for example recharged STV155 which gives 1GB 3G data for 21 days,if iwant to share some amount of data to any bsnl number(the data validity for new person should be same for the recharged person inthis case 21 days) for that i just need to send sms to your tollfree number in the format like phonenumber and percentage of existing data.

  7. How to check balance sir plss tell me