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BSNL Receives the Best PSU Awards 2015

BSNL receives 'The Best PSU Awards 2015'. Congratulations to the team BSNL for their continuous effort for making us proud Indian. Yeah BSNL we should all be fond and proud to have BSNL, why because BSNL is a PSU i.e. Public Sector Undertaking, that means majority share of the company belongs to the Indian Government, means majority share holder is public (you and me).

If BSNL's turnover is good means our company is doing great. If BSNL generates profits, those profits where will it go. Ever thought about it. ok, if BSNL generates profits share of those profits will go to the government and in turn they will be used for the sake our benefits.

Profit making for a PSU is very tough task when compared to other players in the same sector. There will be many obligations, subsidies, many other commitments which they have to fulfill as a mandatory commitments. That means BSNL's financial revenue may be effected by many social obligations or initiatives from the government to serve the need.
BSNL Best PSU Awards 2015 from DSIJ
BSNL addressing all these commitments and also driving the company towards recognizable profits/turnovers with their committed employee telecom services and customer required truly profitable best BSNL broadband plans. This can happen only because of their team and more over the support from the telecom ministry.

With all these efforts, the same was recognized by Dalal Street journal and announced the best for BSNL. So with recognition, BSNL receives the Best PSU Awards 2015 under the category of 'Highest Turnover PSU in Mini Ratna - Non Manufacturing' from Dr. Mahesh Sharma BJP at the Dalal Street Investment Journal by BSNL Director (Finance) Smt. Sujata Ray and General M (CA) Sh. Madhav Punde on behalf of BSNL.

Recently BSNL also saves hundred of crore rupees (Rs.613 crores) due to energy conservation. For this BSNL the best PSU company received national level energy conservation awards in Eight by Power Ministry, along with 26 state awards by various state governments as an honor, as we are all already known about BSNL driving GCI Ranking of India to best by 2017, now in this, this new awards will get more confidence for BSNL.

Thanks for the Telecom Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad for his word and commitment, which he had given on the first day of taking charge to make BSNL drive towards positive growth which is yielding now and also for the New CMD of BSNL Shri Anupam Srivastava for dyanamic decisions as per day to day trends will moves BSNL in a positive side.

With this various awards, it is once again proved that, An organization with a good boss with in no time timely decisions, systematic planning, improving areas of thrust, taking a calculated risks and over the top addressing all social commitments can turn around their employees and company in positive profit side. So if BSNL is in positive growth, then our national economy growth will also reaches to the best. So every Indian telecom customer, Be with BSNL and Be a part in National Growth.
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  1. congratulation to all the BSNL team members with whose efforts it has been possible. The organization has to do much more to reach the expectations of the common man . My request is to utilize all resources to make it better and improve the services especially in the Broad Band . All the best

  2. The whole credit goes to CMD BSNL and his team.We had an opportunity to direct interact with him realy CMD is very very dynamic person and belongs to BSNL it self he is not a DOT officer on deputation like other officers.very motivating CMD realy he is. Kc swarnkar retired officer from BSNL Ajmer.

  3. Its great, keep it up BSNLite

  4. Congratulations to team of BSNL. GO AHEAD WITH THIS TO TOP

  5. congratulation BSNL going towards top telecom operator in INDIA

  6. Congratulating BSNL on this achievement may be formal . The real achievement is the capability and quality to sustain itself by it being customer (the paymaster) utility oriented comparatively . Or else like other PSUs doom is likely . Gone is the time when the goose used to lay golden eggs . shivcharan.