Last updated: 02 March 2016
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BSNL Connecting India from Remote Pockets - Rules Again

BSNL Connecting India is the tagline for our best telecom, and it is proved already. Now BSNL rules again, This time the platform is Medaram Jatara a tribal festival, celebrated in remote area of Medaram in Warangal district called "Samakka Sarakka" Jatara takes place for ten days in the state of Telangana. Medaram is located in Eturnagarm Wildlife sanctuary, and this is the festival which attracts largest number of devotees after Kumbha Mela as per the records.

Providing communication services to this remote location Sammakka Sarakka Festival, and sufficing the requirement of lakhs of mobile customers is really a tough task for any telecom service provider, but for our BSNL with commitment and proper planning based on actual statistics, made BSNL to endorse its tag line Connecting India, made the festival connected to the world with out a single call drop at the Medaram Festival time.

As per the statistics BSNL conveyed that around 50 Lakh plus customers have utilized its services during this time of Medaram Jatara. Other than BSNL no other single mobile service provider unable to make connectivity to their dear ones, on the same line BSNL calls during this festival never dropped showcasing that, BSNL is the only brand that will be there for you where ever you travel.
BSNL Connecting India at Medaram Jatara
BSNL had gone to the perfect field study and depending on the density of the subscribers it, has planned mobile connecting towers to handle the huge traffic, on the peak days it was like that on a peak hour around 10 lakh calls were connected from Medaram Jatara time. This is really the amazing point from BSNL.

Telecom brand had also installed 5G based BSNL WiFi Hot Spots backed the a very strong optical fiber network. Which had a straight consumption of 293GB during this Medaram Jatara festival. This is what you can expect when all the services are planned and executed properly. Here we have to appreciate the Team BSNL for doing all this and to make BSNL as the best telecom operator.

Apart from this, BSNL is the only telecom provider selected for communication services to provide connectivity for 12th South Asian Games recently held upto 16.02.2016 at Shillong and Guwahati. The team of BSNL employees and executives of Kamrup BSNL Service Area has worked day and night to provide best quality mobile connectivity with latest BSNL Mobile Plans having Free Roaming and Landline services with Unlimited Free Night Calling.
BSNL Services at South Asian Games 2016
As a result for quality telecom services of BSNL, gets best appreciation from all with a slogan “Live Long BSNL”, along with 6 crore telecom revenue for excellent connectivity of BSNL for 12th South Asian Games. Connecting India and to the world is a very big task for all, but our BSNL only makes it simple with their best infrastructure and hardship work man force by offering quality telecom services in each and every nook and corner of India.

Recently BSNL proved as the most dependable operator with best services for Flood Hit Chennai, and now with this New Telecom services having best connectivity provided for 12th South Asian Games, and for Medaram Jatara, its again proved that BSNL Reaffirmed, it is Connecting India and World from any Remote Pockets. So, Be with BSNL and Be Proud as a BSNL Customer.
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