Last updated: 28 February 2016
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BSNL Kolkata Broadband Plans New Tariff with high FUP Limit

BSNL Kolkata Broadband Plans allows 2Mbps and 4Mbps download speed with some FUP Limit as of now, but this is revised and our BSNL upgraded this download limit with higher speed under the existing Kolkata BSNL broadband internet plans BBG UL 545, BBG Combo UL 675 and BBG Combo ULD 999 with new tariff.

Day by Day, the trust on BSNL increasing from customers with best customer services and high speed postpaid broadband internet plans at affordable charges per month to get unlimited wireless connection with best internet for home and business in Kolkata area with available best WiFi routers.
BSNL Kolkata New Broadband Plans
BSNL introduced this new broadband plans BBG ULD 545 CS89, BBG Combo ULD 675 CS91 and BBG Combo ULD 999 CS93 for Kolkata Telecom District applicable to the new broadband customers only on promotional basis at first in place of existing BSNL broadband plans with upgraded fair usage policy(FUP) limit in each broadband plan to stay connected continuously with high speed internet with out any increase in broadband users monthly budget, but after huge response this will offered as regular tariff.

The existing conditions regarding Security Deposit and minimum hire period will remain as same along with continuation of Unlimited Free Calling to any network in all the Kolkata Broadband Plans with applicability of existing BSNL Cash Back Offer on WiFi Modems having the following tariff.
BSNL Kolkata Broadband Tariff
This new tariff will be available as regular BSNL Kolkata Broadband Plans from 30th May 2016 only in Kolkata Telecom District Areas / Locations / Colonies, where there is a matching competition with these type of special high speed internet plans with more FUP download limit from private broadband operators.

Many Internet users are searching for the best Internet Service Provider who offer unlimited internet with best deal for long time, for all them our BSNL offers a new special deal. So new broadband users, hurry up and have a chance to find the best BSNL Kolkata broadband plans deal to enjoy the high speed internet with new internet tariff.
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  1. are these plans likely to be offered in kanpur also and if yes please notify the dates ASAP