Last updated: 27 January 2016
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BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans New Internet Tariff

BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans New Internet Tariff structure released for the most profitable circle, Kerala with high FUP Limit increased upto 250% for some plans of new subscription and for migration to existing with Free Landline and Free Calling having high speed internet connectivity allowed in BSNL Kerala New Broadband Plans.

The world is developing at every second and internet plays a major part with new roles at every second of it. To cater all requirements in each and every area linked with Online facility, BSNL the only service provider offers best internet services with special broadband plans at first as a promotional offer for some major areas in Kerala, but after huge response, now this special BSNL Kerala broadband plans has extended to entire circle to serve the netizens with best internet.
BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans New Tariff
Our BSNL is going to make Digital India possible by providing the stable high speed internet at affordable monthly prices with free BSNL Landline and Free Calling to any network across India by offering a special discount also for internet broadband facility on Annual Payments for new subscriptions of BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans under this special promotional offer.

At this time, ISP Introduced new broadband plans BBG ULD 545 CS89, BBG Combo ULD 675 CS91, BBG Combo ULD 845 CS92, BBG Combo ULD 999 CS93 for Urban area and Rural Broadband Plan BBG Rural Combo ULD 650 CS90 in place of existing BB plans by increasing the FUP Limit to a large extent upto 250% in some plans, applicable only for the new customers of Trivandrum, Ernakulam, Calicut and Kannur Service Areas of BSNL Kerala circle.

In existing BSNL Broadband Plans BBG ULD 545 offers 2Mbps speed upto 1GB only, but now it increases upto 150% by offering 3GB FUP Limit, and as of now BBG Combo ULD 675 plan offers 2Mbps upto 1GB only, but in this new BSNL Kerala broadband plans allows upto 5GB with an increment of 250% from old tariff, and also BBG Combo ULD 999 now offers 50% extra FUP limit as 12GB from existing 8GB, with the following.

BSNL Kerala Broadband Tariff - New Special Plans

BSNL Kerala broadband tariff special plans
BSNL Kerala Telecom allows the new customers to Apply BSNL Broadband Online through BSNL Portal or just by sending an SMS, then after within a short time BSNL Kerala will attend the new customer at their door step for subscription to provide the new internet services with these above special BSNL kerala broadband plans.

This above mentioned newly launched Kerala BSNL Broadband Plans will be available as a regular broadband tariff from 18th May 2016, means, its the time for new subscriptions with best BB Plans. If a customer subscribes from now, these New Internet Tariff will be allowed with huge increased FUP Limit upto the time of next change of the BSNL Kerala Broadband Plans / Services.
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  1. I am planing to cancel existing connection and take a new connection.

  2. Compared to ACT Fibernet, these plans of BSNL and the technology are pathetic, with the FUP limit totally unreasonable for the amount the customer is paying. When is BSNL going to wake up and realize they can't fool the people all the time. ACT outperforms them in every aspect, speed, reliability, customer service, with uploads not counted in the FUP. So backup uploads to cloud servers become very attractive and easy on the budget. I use ACT Broadband (Bangalore) and it's phenomenal, with no downtime at at all. I get 100MBPS with a 125 GB FUP (uploads not metered) and a the speed resets to 1MBPS after FUP limit it reached. So what is BSNL talking about? Except for govt. entities, no one even looks at BSNL for broadband in B'lore. The technology is obsolete, the customer service worst, downtime horrible (if the net cuts off God Help the customer. BSNL should resolve these issues before they even think of becoming a serious player in this booming market.

  3. Thefacility should be extended to entire Kerala

  4. Pathetic speed , getting better speed in my mobile (2G mode)