Last updated: 09 January 2016
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Broadband Plan Monthly Charges of BSNL Hiked

BSNL Broadband Plan Monthly Rental Charges hiked in Chennai and Karnataka Telecom Circles in view of rationalization by continuing the existing Unlimited Calling Offer to any Network across India with out any extra charges in special unlimited broadband plans.

BSNL has revised the charges for one Limited Type of Broadband Plan and 6 Types of Unlimited Internet Plans in Karnataka Telecom, and for only for types of Unlimited Internet plans in Chennai Telecom with a small amount of Rs.15 to 30 as per the broadband plan mentioned below, which may not be the additional burden for the customers in their monthly bills.
BSNL Broadband Karnataka Chennai New Tariff
After this revision, the existing BSNL Broadband Plans has to be changed with the below mentioned new plan names in Chennai and Karnataka circles with new revised monthly charges displayed by continuing all discounts and facilities with out any hike in charges.

Existing Plan Name Old FMC (Rs.) BSNL New Broadband Plan Name Revised Rent (Rs.)
BSNL KARNATAKA Broadband Plans
BBG375CS19 375 BBG 390 CS19 390
BBGULD545 545 BBG ULD 560 CS84 560
BBGComboULD675 675 BBG Combo ULD 699 CS85 699
BBGComboULD845 845 BB Combo ULD 875 CS86 875
BBGULD845CS50 845 BBG ULD 865 CS50 865
BBGComboULD945 945 BBG Combo ULD 965 CS87 965
BBGComboULD999 999 BBG Combo ULD 1025 CS88 1025
BSNL CHENNAI Broadband Plans
BBGComboULD675 675 BBG Combo ULD 699 CS85 699
BBGComboULD845 845 BB Combo ULD 875 CS86 875
BBGComboULD999 999 BBG Combo ULD 1025 CS88 1025
BBGComboULD999CS13 999 BBG Combo ULD 1025 CS13 1025
  • Where the existing BSNL Broadband Plan customers, who are already subscribed with the above mentioned Broadband Plans under Annual/Two year/three year payment shall continue as per old tariff upto the expiry of their current 1 year, Two year, Three year subscriptions.
New BSNL Broadband customers, who applies for new internet service with the above plans and opts for yearly/2 year / 3year advance payment has to pay revised Fixed Monthly Charges under 11*FMC for Annual, 21*FMC for Two Years, and 30*FMC discounted charges for Three Years Subscription by getting BSNL Free Broadband Modem for Internet Services as per the Offer.

These enhanced / hiked Fixed Monthly Charges as per the above broadband tariff shall effective from 1st January 2016 and will be charged as per the revised tariff for all the Broadband Plan Customers only in Karnataka and Chennai Telecom.
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  1. FTTH is down in bangalore for the past 24 hrs and no idea when it is going to be restored. What a service from bsnl.

    1. Sir i want to know tthat with FTTH u need to own telephone or not?

  2. Service from BSNL when complaints are raised about landline/broadband not working continues to be dismal; but BSNL is very prompt in increasing charges of one thing or the other frequently.

  3. BSNL broadband is not available in our are of Altino Colony, Talegaon Dabhade. Only God knows when it will be available. The tower is very much near to our locality.

  4. Pathetic service on BSNL.
    I had raised ticket that the phone was dead and Broadband was not working, it took almost 6 days to resolve the issue.
    Private ISP provide better service, speed at relatively cheaper price.
    These guys are raising the tariff,
    May BSNL goes out of business.

  5. BSNL is a Government company. They will get Salary, Promotions, Bonus, Stipend & Pension benefit even if you work or not Work. Why do I work more if not getting any additional other than pains.

  6. Worst Broadband Service. No responsible officers to solve grievances. As Monthly Plan Charges are collected, these dumb-heads are least bothered about the service.Haphazard wire connection,poor technical knowledge and worst Infrastructure.