Last updated: 12 December 2015
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BSNL Free 3G Data, Unlimited Calls even in Roaming

BSNL Free 3G Data and Unlimited Calls even in Roaming now available with new STV launch. BSNL 3G data is one of the most economical in Indian Telecom Industry, and many 3G subscribed users strongly recommends, that BSNL only offers the best and cheapest priced special tariff vouchers for 3G Net in the industry, this is proved with this new Special Tariff Voucher(STV).

Many BSNL users wants to know the various 3G plans for buying a combo pack with free 3G data and voice calling to their smart phone or their 3G dongles, which are available at lowest tariff having high data usage in BSNL 3G Packs.
BSNL 3G Net Plans new Special Tariff Voucher
For this our PSU introduces new 3G net pack, in addition to the existing BSNL 3G Net Plans to cater all requirements of user at almost Unlimited 3G Internet and Unlimited Voice Calling for a month with new BSNL 3G Net Pack STV 3099 (Combo STV) which offers 15GB 3G Data and unlimited calls for Local / STD / Roaming of own network along with 500minutes to other network.
3G STV Price in Rs BSNL Combo STV Particulars Validity in Days

15GB 3G Data
Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming Own Network outgoing Voice Calls
500 Minutes Free Local/STD/Roaming calls to Other Network

BSNL 3G users, who are frequent travelers are vey much benefitted and need not requires any other multiple STVs to recharge for Roaming. This new best combo special tariff voucher should cater all the needs for voice calling and data from home area and even in roaming.

Apart from this new STV launch, BSNL has rationalized old 3G net packs of STV821, STV1099, STV1949 with new data usage and revised validities on each pack offered according with existing conditions. After this new revision, BSNL 3G STV 1949 now offers extra 1GB data and 50% extra validity at same 3G STV price as follows.
BSNL 3G net packs new tariff
The base tariff of existing all prepaid BSNL 2G/3G Data STVs revised to 3Ps/10KB instead of existing 2Ps/10KB. This revised tariff for existing 3G net packs as above along with base tariff, and newly launched BSNL 3G net pack as a regular special tariff voucher in addition to the existing BSNL 3G Net Plans will comes into effective from 15th December 2015 in all BSNL circles.

So, its time for all data hungry BSNL 3G users to enjoy this new pack, and  other network mobile customers having a facility to port in to BSNL at any time for subscription of new 3G net pack at reliable prices through BSNL Online Recharge or any other mode to avail BSNL Free 3G Data and Unlimited Calls even in Roaming at any time.
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  1. iT IS UNFAIR TO HAVE REDUCED THE QUANTUM OF 3G DaTA FOR THE stv821 from the present 7GB to 6GB and also have not increased the validity period to 90 days. If the Telecom PSU is really taking care of the needs of the data users, it is necessary that this STV is maintained at 7GB and validity increased to 90 days.

  2. Good offers. But it will be better to increase the range of BSNL 3G tower.
    Only then it will benefit the customers and also to BSNL.

    1. Yes, BSNL providing 3G services are very bad, When i connect to 3G and when i was idle it was disconnecting the connection and reconnecting then showing usage of data as a notification. This is annoying. When i connect to 3g data it should not show the data usage notification until unless when i disconnect the data in mobile.

  3. charges are being increased off and on but much required to be done to improve services both for voice and data

  4. It good plan but....,my connection aged more than 10 years.and earlir i was getting signal at my home.but now a dsys I'm receiving very poor signal and not able to connect even in 2G speed. inspite of repeated complaints authority is taking no action to correct it. My mob no is 9446989829.

  5. Bsnl net is worst. When i complaint Customer care always cut the call.please help me.

  6. I am not still understand that private players aggressively catching the customers and maintained good services at reasonable price.But the PSU like BSNL which has backed support from government is performing worse day by day.How can any company will service. Whatever the loss occurred is accounted to taxpayer money. BSNL bosses should understand the thing & overhaul themselves in benefit of nation.

  7. it is better to improve service than giving offer. because offers can be availed only if continues network is available.

  8. Offer is welcome. But unless BSNL improve the service,I am not interested.Every week, I am compelled to register a complaint which will be attended at the next working day.There is no match between your claim and actual service rendered.