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BSNL Free Call, Free 3G Data for Chennai | Real Helping Hand for Flood Hit Chennai

Now its Chennai, heavy rains are targeting Chennai this season, making every one life to standstill. This time Chennai is passing through a very hard time, and this is the time we all have to showcase our commitment towards their our own brothers and sisters, who all are even unable to find proper food and even drinking water in Chennai floods.

BSNL, the only state owned telecom operator is doing a great job whenever it is required to. BSNL again proved it is not the company, which only talks about profits. It’s the only telecom company with social commitment on top of its charts by announcing great offers for Landline, Mobile and Broadband customers for real situations of Chennai rains.

We all from every pocket of the country should help in any way, they are having the access to do so. In this context as usual, BSNL again should be in the top position, by offering free calls and free 3G data for BSNL Prepaid Mobile Plan customers, and rental rebate for postpaid mobile users along with unlimited free calling during day and night at any time for landline and broadband users.
BSNL Free 3G Calls for Chennai Flood Users
BSNL has taken the right decision on right time, because the position in Chennai rains is like that, people who went to office are forced to stay offices only and are unable to take food, water and even it is very hard time for every citizen of Chennai. With the social commitment BSNL had given a provision to its subscribers to talk freely and update their status to their dear ones.

This facility is also going to aid the rescue operations where military is going to rescue people, who where surrounded with water. Every one of us are ready to step up for help and this time again its BSNL which stood for its own people.

To facilitate relief operations during this natural calamity and to extend the real helping hand to the stranded people of Chennai due to unforeseen floods. BSNL provides free calls, SMS and data packages for mobile and free calling to landline customers of BSNL Chennai Telecom District for certain period of days with the below mentioned tariff.

BSNL Free Calling and 3G Data Offers for Flood Hit Chennai 
For BSNL Prepaid Mobile
Voice Calls Local and STD Calls with in BSNL From 21:00 Hours of 02.12.2015 to 08.12.2015
SMS Local / STD SMS as Free within BSNL
Free 3G Data 100 MB Free Internet From 03.12.2015 to 09.12.2015
For Postpaid Mobile Customers : Rental Rebate for 7 days and extension of billing cycle for 15 days
For BSNL Landline and Broadband customers
Voice Calls Unlimited Local / STD Calls of any network Landline and Mobile From 09:00 hours of 02.12.2015 to 08.12.2015
Free Data 100 MB Free Internet for Broadband Users From 03.12.2015 to 09.12.2015

These above mentioned offers might appear as small, but if you think these, where you are unable to go for a recharge and also you might be very tough as even banks are not completely operational, finding a recharge centre/service centre or for payment of postpaid bill for not disconnecting their connection might be a tough task. At this situation, BSNL will be in peoples side and provides real required offers in these situations which in turn really makes us a big fan of BSNL, with its sensible plans at the time of need.

As published in the news, the effected areas takes a much longer time to recover to normal life. Its not exaggeration to say that Chennai has to completely rebuild. In this hard times, where you find to difficult to obtain basic necessities, BSNL is there for you to understand the need of the time with real facilities of free talktime and free 3G data for BSNL Mobile users and BSNL free calling from Landline Broadband Services which is a real helping hand for flood hit Chennai.
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  1. That is why BSNL is people's company. Well done BSNL. Keep it up.

  2. Only public PSU's like BSNL will help people in emergency situation. Where the private players gone now?

  3. Really good free service at critical situation. Timely help from Bsnl, Welldone !

  4. Very very good service and helping hands for natural disasters of the,nation