Last updated: 08 December 2015
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BSNL new BB Plan with enhanced email storage on Messaging

Indian BSNL Broadband users are now searching for best Broadband Plans, so here is the new plan for all Indian internet users to avail special regular broadband plan with enhanced email storage space on messaging service with most required night unlimited calling.

BSNL is going in a pace which is making its private competitors to be vigilant about its new DSL and Fibernet (FTTH) BSNL Broadband Packages at affordable monthly price charges. So that only, BSNL introduces this special unlimited internet broadband plan by allowing the speed upto 2Mbps bandwidth with enhanced email storage space.
BSNL Special Broadband plan 990 ASoM
Coming to the new special BSNL Broadband Plan ( BBG Combo ULD 990 ASoM ), this allows 2Mbps with FUP limit of 8 GB, and then your speed will be 512 Kbps with one free email id having 6GB additional storage against regular 1GB storage in existing BSNL Broadband Plans.

The major reason for subscription for this new BB plan ‘BBG Combo ULD 990 ASoM’ with enhanced email storage space on Messaging service for the broadband customers, so these BB Plan is like a hot favorite, and this BSNL BB Plan continues to offer the Rental discounts on subscription with yearly packages and allows Broadband Top Ups to restore very high speed internet after FUP limit too with the following tariff, which is in additional special tariff to existing BSNL broadband plans.
BSNL ASoM Broadband Plan Tariff
This new BSNL broadband plan shall offers an additional facility of Unlimited free calls between 9PM to 7AM to any Landline and Mobile network in India along with 350 free calls to be allowed with in BSNL network for day time, where all the Meter Called Unit Charges after free calls will be charged at Rs.1 for BSNL Network and Rs.1.2 for Other Network in above mentioned High Speed Unlimited Broadband Internet Plans over DSL and Fibernet Services.

These new special regular BSNL Broadband Plan ( BBG Combo ULD 990 ASoM ) with Additional Storage on Messaging Service (ASoM ) having unlimited internet which is available across India in all BSNL circles from 26th November 2015. So new users can have a chance to apply online and existing users for migration to enjoy the new special broadband plan with enhanced email storage space on Messaging service.
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  1. Good evening,
    I have been requesting for new service for over a year now. the requests were as follows:
    1. Land line
    2. wimax service
    3. cable line
    4. FTT
    however, as of now no one was able to provide me any of these services quoting that I live too far from the service available area.
    please note: there were land line service up to a km away from my new home. However, the cable were broken and no repairs were done timely so these customers were forced to discontinue the service. Their land line #s were: 8255230642

    My house is a developing area. Many residents including me are depending on unreliable cell service of various providers. I have 3G wireless service from BSNL and others. My monthly expense on cell phone and internet connection is well over Rs. 2000.00.
    I am residing at Amtady village, in Bantwal, DK, Karnataka. My cell # is 9480291900. If you require, I could provide many reference numbers i have received for many such requests i made.
    Thanks and hope some responsible staff of BSNL will review this and get back to me.

  2. Totally a stupid decision by BSNL... I wonder who's formulating such stupid plans and keeping BSNL in loss...

  3. BSNL has gone direction less, not even ready to learn from ongoing market condition.