Last updated: 30 November 2015
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BSNL Pune 16Mbps Unlimited Broadband Plans

BSNL 16Mbps Unlimited Broadband Plans with Free Static IP and unlimited night calling now again relaunched as an new extended promotional offer only for the customers of most populous city Pune in Maharashtra with high speed and high FUP limit broadband Internet.

BSNL VDSL is also a DSL technology which provides data transmission with ultra speed, faster than ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) upto 52 Mbit/s download speed and 16 M.bit/s upload speed.

In order to offer best quality unlimited internet broadband services for the customers of Pune in Maharashtra, BSNL has introduced BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1645 VDSL CS63 and BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 3645 VDSL CS64 in VDSL services with 16Mbps download speed at lowest monthly charges never offered than before.
BSNL Pune 16Mbps Broadband Plans
These newly introduced two types of 16Mbps download speed internet are the additional plans to the existing BSNL Broadband Plans by allowing 1000 free calls in each plan by allowing Local/STD calls with in BSNL network, along with applicability of BSNL Free Night Calls between 9PM to 7AM. The below mentioned plans(indicated) will also offer one Free Static IP on request.

All the existing charges for Security Deposit and other terms will remain as same, and all the existing and this new BSNL Broadband Plans will also be allowed in Fibernet (FTTH) network, If feasible to avail fault free services with same monthly rental charges with the following tariff as below.
BSNL Pune 16Mbps Broadband Plans
Previously, the above BSNL Broadband Plans shall be available as promotional offer for a period of 90 days upto 07.09.2015, after getting overwhelming response from Pune Broadband customers, BSNL now again relaunched this VDSL broadband plans and available from 20.11.2015 to 17.02.2015 for migration to old customers and for subscription to new users.

Its time for new and existing customers to avail high speed internet plans with free Static IP and 1000 free calls along with unlimited night calling from BSNL Landline, So Pune Broadband users just Join BSNL and enjoy the thrill with BSNL 16Mbps Unlimited Broadband Plans.
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