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BSNL Gujarat Broadband Plans 2016 | Special Tariff

BSNL Gujarat broadband plans have a special significance at any time. Now to continue this brand PSU launches new internet plans with 4Mbps broadband bandwidth for Smart State Gujarat. It is also with high FUP limit in considering the day to day high-speed internet requirements. These BSNL Gujarat broadband plans specially designed for Gujarat netizens to cater major segment with the unlimited high-speed internet.

The State Gujarat played a key role in Independence. Gujarat placed in a vital position in both Indian financial and political sectors. Top Indian billionaires are from Gujarat only and now our dynamic PM Shri Modiji, playing a lead role to make India as a Digital India is also from here.

Gujarat is the place which is becoming the benchmark for all future techno business oriented states. It is not an exaggeration to say that every common man will have an entrepreneur skill in Gujarat. To deal with this stature of Gujarat, PSU has to come with the most efficient economical and high quality, quantitative BSNL Gujarat broadband plans.
BSNL Gujarat Broadband Plans Unlimited 4Mbps Internet
So that, our brand has now introduced five types of 4Mbps BSNL Gujarat broadband plans (BBG Combo ULD 1095 CS65, BBG Combo ULD 1295 CS66, BBG Combo ULD 1645 CS67, BBG Combo ULD 2095 CS68, BBG Combo ULD 2545 CS69). These are all in addition to existing high-speed BSNL broadband unlimited plans Gujarat with great fair usage policy (FUP) limit. The limits are 15GB, 30GB, 60GB, 120GB, 240GB in each program by allowing one free e-Mail account with 1GB storage.

Where this newly launched BSNL Gujarat broadband plans of DSL technology are provided on Fiber to the home network also. It is also with the same tariff. If it is technically feasible, there are no extra charges also for provision on FTTH Network.

These plans are 180 degrees opposite to the earlier mindset. It is proving that BSNL is not going to be in PSU mode anymore. It’s a professional telecom service provider under the PSU tag. All PSUs will be in the same spree under the new guidance of Shri Modiji Government.

On tremendous response at the time of first promotional period from customers for these new five types of BSNL Gujarat broadband plans. Our brand now offered these with 4Mbps download speed to cater the internet needs at high speed at lowest charges. Let's take a look about the best tariff as follows.

BSNL Gujarat Broadband Plans - Special Unlimited Internet Tariff

Plan Name BBG Combo ULD 1095 CS65 BBG Combo ULD1295 CS66 BBG ComboULD 1645 CS67 BBG Combo ULD2095 CS68 BBG Combo ULD2545 CS69
Internet Bandwidth (Download Speed) 4Mbps up to 15GB 4 Mbps up to 30GB 4Mbps up to 60GB 4Mbps up to 120GB 4 Mbps up to 240GB
Speed after FUP Limit 1Mbps
Applicability All Home and Business Users of Gujarat
Monthly Charges (Rs) 1095 1295 1645 2095 2545
Advance Annual Payment Charges 12045 14245 18095 23045 27995
Two Year Charges 22995 27195 34545 43995 53445
Three Yr Payment Charges 32850 38850 49350 62850 76350
Free E-mail ID 1 Free E-Mail ID with 1 GB storage
Static IP Address (On Request) Charges One IP at Rs.2000 per year One IP at Rs.1800 per year
Free Calls (Only BSNL) 300 per month

In these New BSNL Gujarat broadband plans, the minimum hire period, is fixed for one month only. So new Gujarat netizens, it's time to avail high speed 4 Mbps internet at affordable prices by applying Online. Existing users can have a chance to migrate through online / submission of the request to concerned BSNL office. Telecom giant has also offered BSNL Free WiFi modem on subscription to annual plans in any of the above schemes.

PSU has also provided BSNL unlimited free calling facility in these tariffs along with 300 free calls for daytime. If we see the pattern of new BSNL Gujarat broadband plans, it is evident that BSNL is concentrating on turnover based revenue rather than connection based Revenue.

We hope, all these introductions are surely a game changer for BSNL. These new packs with high FUP limit are available as a reasonable and best tariff. It is from 29th April 2016 as special BSNL Gujarat broadband plans.
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  1. All are talking about 100 mbps / 50 mbps speed internet connection , Why BSNL is in the range of 2 / 4 mbps ???????

  2. bsnl offered not good because after fair usage plan end the speed is very low .So required to be change minimum speed all time is 3mbps even after FUP limit.

  3. In the age of FTTH, BSNL is just offering copper ADSL broadband. That too worst after FUP limit speeds still stuck @ 512 kbps.