Last updated: 22 October 2015
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BSNL Karnataka 8Mbps Unlimited Broadband Plan

BSNL Karnataka most attractive 8Mbps unlimited broadband plan BBG Speed Combo ULD 1091 CS70 has now regularized due to much welcoming response from the customers, which was introduced as a promotional offer upto 15.4.2016 applicable for entire Karnataka.

Most people respected BSNL about their trusted billing and lowest charges for calls and high speed internet. To continue the same trust in customer hearts in this new technology world developing at every second with new internet facilities , which plays a major part to make Digital India, BSNL now introduces and extending the high speed internet broadband plan from time to time as per market requirements.
BSNL Karnataka 8Mbps Broadband Plan
BSNL provides this stable high speed unlimited internet plan on ADSL technology at affordable price for Karnataka internet users by continuing the existing tariff of free email storage and provision of static IP on request and high speed Fair Usage Policy Limit applicable for all Home and Business users of Karnataka by continuing the annual payment option too.

Many Internet users of Karnataka are now relaxed with this new extension of promotional scheme to subscribe for a new internet connection with high speed internet having free landline along with unlimited free calling during night from 9PM to 7AM to any network in India.

BSNL Broadband users in Karnataka, who wants to upgrade from their present broadband plan to BBG speed combo ULD 1091 CS70 has now have chance to migrate to this high speed internet access bb plan through BSNL Online BB Plan Change at Selfcare Portal or by just submitting a written request to concerned BSNL to avail the following tariff.
BSNL Karnataka BB Plan Speed Combo ULD 1091 CS70 Tariff
BSNL, the trusted brand who offers the best internet services for entire Karnataka already regularizes 4Mbps Unlimited Internet Plan BBG ULD 865 CS50 with high FUP Limit 30GB and wins the hearts of every internet user, now in maintaining the same transparency, BSNL also regularizes this speed unlimited internet broadband plan of Karnataka BBG Speed Combo ULD 1091 CS70 applicable for all the users of Karnataka.
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  1. Getting true internet speeds above 10GB is very rare (even if you have a 100 Mbps line to your home). So 8 GB is fairly decent speed. But let's compare the prices, shall we, with say a popular "other" internet provider. BSNL provides 8 Mbps / 60 GB / 1091+Tax plan. The other providers provide around 30 Mbps / 50 GB / 1049+Tax. After FUP, it's 512 Kbps by all providers these days. So speed wise .. 8 Mbps is just as good as 30 Mbps (since you never really achieve that speed). Download quota wise, BSNL is giving 20% more for just 5% higher price. Not bad at all.

    But BSNL needs to do much better than that if they are to overcome their shoddy govt. mentality customer service ... when their networks are working, it's all fine and dandy, but when you one day get a disconnection / network-down status (and you definitely will get with all providers) ... it's a nightmare to deal with BSNL customer service. They can take more than a week to address the complain, they do not give back any compensation (though they are supposed to do so after 3 days of non-connectivity as per their policies), no one ever picks up the phone and you need to visit them in person to make the complaint etc. etc. etc. I would much rather pay a slightly higher price with the private vendors with whom I do not face such nightmares.

    Of course, to be fair, there are private internet providers out there who are even WORSE than BSNL. I have deliberately not named any provider to avoid giving the impression that I'm advertising for some other provider. I was just a frustrated user of BSNL who switched to someone else.

    On a more philosophical note -- The govt. has no business to engage in providing services that are already adequately provided by private players (who do a much more efficient job). A govts job should be to regulate the private businesses and provide a level playing field for all. All Public services like BSNL, AirIndia, SAIL etc. need to be completely disbanded and these areas should be left for the private players.

    1. I totally agree with your observations and even though I've been and still am a loyal customer of BSNL for a very long time, (I must say that do come up with some good schemes/packages, etc.), their response to any complaints/faults can drive one up the wall. In fact, as I am writing, my BSNL landline has been dead for 5 days and the typical response from the area engineer is "there is a major fault in the area and you may call my supervisor on number..........but do not give him my name". This is the typical answer in any govt. organization. The sad part is that we know why the govt. continues to be in the services sector and they are not going to go away anytime soon.

  2. Why these type of plans are not available in Kerala? Here the plans provided are pathetic by Bsnl

  3. I have been using this plan. The bandwidth offered by BSNL is good, but they lack technical skills. I have been seeing huge latency when iam on real time screen sharing. But BSNL staff doesn't have any solution to this.

  4. I came to know about this plan today through my friend who is JTO at BSNL at my town. He too came to know about this about 8 days ago. I am very much willing to opt for this plan. But Why doesn't BSNL make publicity about it??

  5. HI There. I am planning for ULD 1091CS70 (8 Mbps -60Gb). will there give wifi router if not incase we have wifi router they will assist to configure. and what are the documents required for this.

  6. Is this plan available for all cities of karnataka or only bangalore ?

  7. This facility can be extended only upto 2-3 km range from any exchange, that is why it is not very public. It depends on the cabling type in the area. So its a technical limitation.