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BSNL New Way | Right Person at Right Place for best BSNL Services

BSNL follows new way, Right Person at Right Place for best BSNL Services, is there any favor for customers? let us discuss in detail. In general many of us have a doubt, regarding BSNL Revival. As a customer, if BSNL revives with existing tempo what it means to you. BSNL enjoyed monopoly before the era of globalisation. This made BSNL to demand customer to walk to its place. After globalization, the scene is reversed, there was huge competition with in domestic market and forced BSNL to pull its socks, still it called for major restructuring of the company to feel customer happy with front office.

Some of the BSNL customers felt embarrassed sometime back for the given response by the people who are sitting at “May I Help You” counters, about an enquiry of new products like FTTH / Leased line etc..” The hardening fact is that, we don't know what it is, this is the answer, and also they can’t try to enquire with their higher authorities or didn’t guide the customer for exact approach to whom.

The above mentioned example is a smaller one, not for all employees are like that. They are the one who made communication system establishment within hours after many disastrous cyclones and Floods, but customer point is, BSNL Management has to understand to place Executives / Employees / People in the front office or train people to understand new technologies, new tariffs and they should encourage new customers to be part of BSNL.
BSNL Right Person at Right Place for best BSNL Services
For example if you visit any ICICI bank, the cashier starts discussing with you regarding opening an account or with respect to any insurance policies. Being a cashier she is doing marketing. For them there will perks. In the same line BSNL can use train front office people for technology upgrades and also they can drive people to BSNL.

If BSNL is changed and doing good business, offering best Quality of Service and best innovative plans what it mean to a customer? and what it means to BSNL and what it means to a BSNL employee? These three are interrelated. If BSNL offers good innovative plans and better QoS, as customer many more an more prefer BSNL, because of many reasons like, BSNL coverage area is Superb / Best and is available any pocket of India.

There is no reason for customers to think of other networks as BSNL is our own company and if BSNL is in profits, those profits will be used again for all of us only, through the government as profits goes to government. Why we have to go to private player, as he only pays the taxes and is not going to share its profits with us.

If customer is happy, BSNL Company will do well, and in turn BSNL employees will get perks and may expect better pay revision. Today world is, employees is not giving his best means today or tomorrow it is going to be directly effected on their pay revision. Like private companies Ministries are setting business targets of PSU companies.

BSNL has realized these facts a little bit late or it may be forced to realize lately by earlier Governments. This time, the new government is patting, BSNL new CMD and team for their innovative come backs and is closely watching the development’s within the company.

BSNL CMD told that the team BSNL is doing good and best, now a days with the introduction of many innovate plans in some as below
and many more best deals for new customers of MNP too, launched in almost every BSNL circle to offer the best tariffs with lowest charges. The newly launched BSNL 4G based WiFi Hotspots which are already launched in many cities and expanding fastly to all areas across India with best tariff is the most attractive thing for wireless data hungry users.

Recently, BSNL CMD also told that after implementing Free night calling facility, there is an increase in landline day calling minutes and also arrested trend of downfall of BSNL landline connections, rather there is increase in the graph of new connections. For this Maharashtra, Kerala and Karnataka circles are doing well after the introduction of this scheme. For minute’s usage Chennai TD, Rajasthan and Haryana circles are the toppers.

Furthermore our honorable prime minister is also closely watching the development’s in BSNL and is on the positive towards the company future. After all these BSNL CMD had given a call to their team i.e. every employee in BSNL should work hard to bring back the company to profits / revival and should ensure to have good pay revision in the coming years.

Whoever the employee of BSNL are top cream of the country, as they have been selected in to the company against stringent recruitment procedure. Its now the time foe every employee to tighten their belts to make BSNL a world class company. With new CMD motivation, BSNL Management now trying to push good environment for them to excel by placing RIGHT PERSON at RIGHT PLACE on close observation of each corner by knowing the competencies of the BSNL Employees to make BSNL a profit making company in the near future.
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  1. I have been requesting for a landline, high speed cable internet service/wimax/ftth for over two years (yes 2 years) through visiting BSNL office, submitting paper application and through the web. However, as of now I do not have any of the above service nor has received any satisfactory response from BSNL office. Is this the "right person at right place" initiative?

    1. Kindly write your residential address where you want Landline and Internet service, I assured you BSNL office will provide you better service.

    2. Thanks for your kind response and I will eagerly wait to see the service is provided if you can.
      I reside at
      Hilltop villa, Bampila Padavu, Amtady village, Buntwal, DK, House # 5 -119/14. At present I am out of the country. Contact me on or after October 6th.

    3. I am back in the country and at the above address. As of now no one from BSNL has contacted me with any offer to provide any or combination of the following services: land line, high speed internet cable service, wimax or ftth

    4. Apply BSNL Services Online, So BSNL contact you at an early

    5. Done that many times but the response all the time was that they cant provide any of the services to me.

  2. Ridiculous!

    BSNL SDE gave a written letter & asked us to disconnect the broadband connection because they are unable to provide uninterrupted internet connection to the location. He also threatened to disconnect the connection, if we complain for non-functioning of telephone & BSNL.

    Only such people are at BSNL & not the "Brand ambassadors". They do not bother about the competition around & wanted to live happily as Govt employees.

    1. In which area ? Kindly write the details. You will definitely get uninterrupted service.

  3. For the FIRST TIME in the last 40yrs of Govt. (BSNL) Telephone connection I hav had at differet Leading Cities in the South, for he FIRST TIME I bought a Phone Instrument from the BSNL Div. office, Chennai South (Adyar) for Rs.500+, as they had only one Brand of Instrment. Just after 6 months, the Instrument conked out and when we complained & requested for a replacement, we were curtly disposed of. BSNL STAFF, by & Large hav to undergo atleast ONE year traing in the Front Office of Leading Private companies, to deal with situations, to the customers Satisfaction.Price wars will go some distance and no further. ONLY WORD OF MOUTH WILL TAKE U SOMEWHERE,I am 81+ and I should know.- Mani

  4. In BSNL right decisions are always taken at wrong time. This is one of them but it is never later to start any thing new. Such initiative should have been taken a way back. Actually it is required to change the mindsets of BSNL employees. And Management has totally failed to understand its employees and their mindsets or didn't want to understand...but i hope there will be complete change of era in BSNL after all these old people will get retired and fresh staff will be recruited.

  5. Irrelevant as far as BSNL is concerned. You cannot move a peon from one office to other office, clerk from one table to other table, cant take action on any one if he behaves differently with customer, no action could be taken if one does not work, If at all BSNL has to improve, bring about mass transfers, dont leave any one in one office for long, take stern action for problem mongers and work shirkers be he in any level, recognise best talent and fast track his promotions.......................................................

    Simple but cannot in BSNL........ Until a miracle happens

  6. prasadgattupalli@yahoo.com12 September 2015 at 11:21

    in hyderabad unde rural near manikonda
    state govt alotte thousands of quarters to their employees
    they ar ysr enclave, puppalagudam niknampur
    except bsnl mobile no landline or ftth facility is not there if bsnl can initiate by providing cable of landlne or fth 80 percent of people utilise our service
    like that in kukatpalli malasi township and in lingampalli also if bsnl cover these three areas equal to ten district revenue
    initiate ma be taken and publicity of avilable of these areas mabe informed to customer sevice centers

  7. It is obvious that every Executive Officer who have been given promotion from lower cadre did not have the necessary technical qualification and were not capable of resolving issues by their own but were drawing huge salaries at par with highly qualified new entrants. They do prefer works completed by others by throwing responsibilities on others.Right persons have been neglected by administration as well as labor unions. this article does not reflect actuals