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BSNL Landline Caller ID (CLIP) Telephone Instrument New Charges

BSNL should offers high quality Landline PBT(Push Button Telephone) instruments to the customers received from "Old and faithful" Great Indian Telephone Industries whose life is great for our humid & tropical climate, and the amount being charged for BSNL CLIP telephone is commensurate with market prices and are reasonable, for best quality Landline telephone instruments to purchase from BSNL.

BSNL revised the charges for Landline Telephone Instruments which are available with CLIP (Caller ID) facility provided for NTC (New Telephone Connection) and Replacement of Telephone Instrument at subscribers request.
BSNL Landline Caller ID Telephone Instrument Charges
BSNL new conventional PBT(Push Button Telephone) Clip Instrument charges are revised from time to time in accordance with comply of all regulatory requirements for Landline telephone instrument in addition to BSNL Installation Charges which are revised according with market conditions as follows.

BSNL Caller ID Landline Telephone Instrument Charges
  • Cost of instrument for New Telephone Connection, shall be charged as Rs. 600/- for provision of telephone instrument having CLIP (Caller ID) facility.
  • Replacement of existing Landline instrument provided by BSNL with new Caller ID (CLIP) telephone instrument shall be carried out on receipt of subscriber’s written request by charging Rs. 600/- only.
  • Replacement of instrument in absence of request from subscriber: In case of fault, existing instrument shall be replaced with new/repaired non-clip instrument only. CLIP Instrument shall be provided on chargeable basis only on specific written request from subscriber.
After the introduction of BSNL exciting bonanza scheme for Indians as below from May 2015, BSNL hasn’t charged any type extra charges even a single rupee for landline users, but this time, this new revision on telephone instrument charges is becomes mandatory as per raising cost on instruments in existing market.
After getting the BSNL Landline Caller ID telephone instrument, customer has to approach concerned BSNL authorities for caller id activation, In some BSNL latest exchange areas, this facility will be available to customers as default. In major areas, this caller id facility will be activated only upon request from customer due to technical feasibility.

PSU already offers Free BSNL Caller ID telephone for commercially important customers, and this new revised regular tariff for BSNL Landline Caller ID (CLIP) Telephone Instrument Charges for new and replacement shall effective from 1st September 2015, where all the Deposits, Call Charges and Free Calls will remain as same as per the existing landline tariff conditions of BSNL, and this new revised tariff on BSNL Telephone Instruments will also be applicable for all new/existing BSNL Broadband Users.
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  1. many of the customers is having a doubt, that if a BSNL Caller ID Landline telephone instrument is chargeable with any amount, even if the instrument is self owned.

    1. Few years ago, the old instruments were replaced with CLIP instruments free of cost for those customers who used to pay their bills with higher amount; but now BSNL is charging for these instruments for new customers. If the instrument is self owned , the rebate must be asked.

  2. BSNL is trying to explore all the possible ways to generate income to compete with other private telecom operators, so that only BSNL increased caller id telephone instrument charges for new customers.

  3. Sir,
    If customer is opt for his/her own instrument , then there is no charges.

  4. BSNL is trying to cheat the old customers.I was having the same instrument installed at my residence telephone no 0172-2711818 (Chandigarh) Somehow one day the telephone gave some problem ,I contacted the department, they replaced it with their own instrument with some cost ,and did not return my instrument witch was more costly I made several requests to give back my instrument ,but they have not returned. The instrument provided by the department after six months use has gone out of order, I again has made several requests to the department for the replace. but no action. I suggest the Department to change the Telephone Instrument "FREE." of cost of those customers who are having Ten years or more old connection.and paying more than Rupees one thousand monthly bill. I hope the department will agree with me and will issue the instructions to change the telephone instrument " Free Of Cost " Thanks
    2190 sector 21 C
    Chandigarh ( U.T.)

  5. In the cases where the Instrument is OWNED BY THE CUSTOMER the question of EXCHANGE should not come in way. In so far as, the BSNL has declared to provide this at a same amount of Rs.600/- which is a market price as mentioned. BSNL must not insist for OLD PHONES as it may akso the case with series of Costomers who have not been given back it being "Junk".

  6. It indicate that BSNL haS STARTED TO TAKE last breath. As this deptt. know very well that maximum public are against the BSNL due to their poor services So the time has come when most of the consumers will sullender their telephone connection for which BSNL will be responsible only .

  7. BSNL is not having care about their customers, and their employee are non co-operative at anytime

  8. My phone provided by BSNL is a CLIP phone but caller id is out of order. I requested them to repair the same but of no result. This is the state of affairs of BSNL