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BSNL Complaint Portal for New Online Application not Responding

BSNL allows online application for every new user to get their new connections, for that you have to just submit your details Online, then after immediately BSNL offers you the Landline/ Broadband etc.. new services at your door step accordingly, we all are well known about this.

Now in extend to this BSNL New Service Online Application, BSNL launched a new online compliant portal only for that new customers, who applied their new joining into BSNL via Online but not responded by BSNL with in One week of application date.

Just walk through a scenario, that you are having an issue with your broadband connection, i.e. you have put a request for a new broadband connection and get a new lead id, where that request is not processed, and not getting any response. In this scenario you will only have the lead id (complaint) to lodge a complaint for getting new connection.
BSNL Complaint Portal for New Connection Lead IDs not Responded
What we all are hearing being a BSNL customers, BSNL being a PSU, is still having the same bureaucratic texture when you have given a complaint. That too if you give an online complaint. you might be feeling lost. Do you know one thing, there is laid down procedure from BSNL.

With this lead I'd, now you have a best option to give a complaint and having the flexibility you might have given an online complaint. For that, just log on to the below mentioned link and lodge a complaint by submitting your details and issue status, after providing the details you have to really witness the Indian PSU BSNL being a highly responsive.

In this new complaint Portal (, BSNL new users will have the best option to lodge any type of complaints regarding with your new BSNL Broadband / Landline / FTTH / ISDN connection etc.. with any of the following reasons
  1. BSNL Responded but not completed
  2. Completely No response from BSNL
  3. Connection Given but not Working
  4. Partial Response.
Now-a-days BSNL, is not taking anything lightly. In particular BSNL is concentrating on all its Online facilities which are in place, should deliver the output which it is expected to deliver. So that you really witness the response from BSNL.

BSNL is going in right direction as per the customer requirements, this is proved by offering very attractive plans like BSNL Unlimited Night Calling Facility from Landline and BSNL Free Roaming facility for Mobile users. To support and to have Quality of Service, BSNL is going to upgrade all its facilities towards next generation technologies.

PSU already launched a BSNL complaint grievance portal for existing customers to lodge long pending complaints to reach to higher authorities, apart from this, BSNL launched Online Complaint Portal only for new customers regarding new connections. So new BSNL Broadband / Landline / FiberNet and Other Service users, just use this above BSNL Complaint Portal and lodge your BSNL Complaint after One week of application date for not Responding cases of New Service request through Online BSNL Application.
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  1. bsnl accepts complaints issues docket nos and next day docket no closed automatically without rectifying faults I have made 10 such complaints during last month still the fault is not repaired. Landline too nisy not fit for use.what is the use free 400 calls offer

  2. Do you see anywhere all the complaints are closed without any resolution or comment? It will happen only with BSNL.

    I have raised a complaint on network (signal related problems) with other operator. The responsible authorities corrected the tower issue, came to our house, went each & every corner of the house & showed the signal level. That is the level of commitment.

    Can we expect the same with BSNL? Only we can expect in day dream.

  3. Do you see anywhere all the complaints are closed without any resolution or comment? It will happen only with BSNL.

    I have raised a complaint on network (signal related problems) with other operator. The responsible authorities corrected the tower issue, came to our house, went each & every corner of the house & showed the signal level. That is the level of commitment.

    Can we expect the same with BSNL? We can expect this only in day dream.

  4. You know what they will reply?

    The standard replies will be

    1. we cannot provide landline or broadband because your house is too far from exchange (even if the distance is within 1 km from exchange)

    2. No pair available in your area to connect landline. Lot of cable required. Otherwise, line will be always at fault. So, we cannot provide you the connection

    3. A written letter is issued like this: A sub-exchange is built near your area, will be ready in another 3 months (same comment for 3 years !). Once it is ready, we can provide you uninterrupted broadband connection. Until then, you have to live with noisy / not-working connection. If you want, you can surrender the connection.

    Out of the context of letter, they called & threatened: Our job is under threat. Don't raise any more complaints. If you raise, your connection will be disconnected.

  5. I am unable to register complaint online since that portal does not respond. It is more than 10 days after I received the lead number, there is dead silence from BSNL.No new connection or BB. Where to go? Is this Digital India?

  6. I with the hope that digital India will serve better , but after the time I taken the facility of BB either I use landline phone or BB, because after lifting the cradle BB works if I doesn't lift the cradle BB/DSL don't work.
    I am complaining for the same since BB taken no right action has very taken so for.
    Let me know whether BB be set right or I disconnect the facility & apply to another company.

  7. I have cdma two connection put on one year before, Now its complaint for more than three months complaint given in the call center but no response and also search in local contact no. s and i called them still there is no response whats the bsnl big network. They giving everybody alternate alternate numbers i too call ....................

  8. I applied connection before four month and till then they are saying that within next 3 day it will be done then again after 3 days more 1 week den after that another date still i am suffering . If you cant provide any service why do youhave accept new connection do well with the old costumers . You should know this that the worst ever service provided by bsnl is you and the local bsnl man are saying you complain to higher authority nothing will happen . They took money and when it came for the time to provide service more than 100 ecuses are available . They should look after this serious issue and now the sdo is also not replying to calls then why is he made sdo to seat only . They should be changed

  9. हमारा बिल हर बार बढ़ कर आता है इंटरनेट भी धीरे चलता है | हम लोग दिन मै घर पर रहते ही कम है हम जॉब करते हैं|आप से अनुरोध है हमारे सारे बिल चेक करें और सही जानकारी भेजें| हमें हर महीने का बिल डिटेल के साथ मेल पर उपलब्ध करवाएं | बिल में जब फ्री कॉल की डिटेल भेज सकते है तो चार्जिंग की डिटेल क्यों नहीं भेजते है आप लोग उसके लिए क्यों कस्टमर से फिर 50/- रु. वसूले जाते है| दुसरी कंपनीयों में बिल के साथ डिटेल अटेच होती है, आप पेपर पर नहीं भेज कर मेल कर सकते है,बिल तो वेसे भी जनरेट कंप्यूटर से ही होता है|ताकी हमें पता रहे की किस वजह से बिल ज्यादा आ रहा है , या बिल मै क्या जुड़ कर आया है इससे हमें भी पता रहता है हमें कहाँ रोक लगानी है |

  10. I have given application for cancellation of braodband connectio on 29-3-16 duly approved by Gandhisaheb . The BSNL docket number is 8016607776 . BSNL is not disconnection in March and they will charge rent for April which is not justified . My land line number is 079-27453865, I had been Naranpura office today and they are not giving acknowledgement for the same.

  11. hai sir , i need a new braodband connection but they are not responded my applications .then how to get new braodband service in bsnl onnection please tell me sir......

  12. No response for new broadband connection in Raipur, online requested but still waiting for BSNL Team.

  13. BSNL will be terminated by their worst service. In future there will be no BSNL and there will be no GOVT. Telecom these things will happen by the worst employees of BSNL

  14. This is with great grievance I wish to highlight the experience me and wife had with BSNL team in activating a simple Broadband unlimited service. It is almost a month now my Wife had applied for new landline along with Unlimited Bro¬adband (245 unlimited). The great BSNL team contacted her and provided a landline number 04742501559 advising that this is your number which is allocated for your house. However, with all due respect the great BSNL executives / agents / technicians in general the MAHARAJAS of BSNL kept fooling or cheating them day by day. Every day my wife and her mother keeps calling them on the number 04742502000 (BSNL Mukathala Exchange, Kollam, Kerala) requesting them to activate the services due urgent requirements. Moreover, my Wife who is 8 months’ pregnant keep visiting their office in this condition requesting the MAHARAJAS of BSNL to activate the service. Every time they inform her that they are coming, on their way, almost reached, reconfirms the location etc.… and fool her. She and her mother leaving all other engagements and wait for them who never appeared till date or never given a call back as well. Now a day when calling the same number there is no one answering the call. This is one of the great customer care experience expected from BSNL team who is the leading operator in INDIA.

    Myself being an employee who is working in the Regulatory Escalation team of UAE telecom industry clearly understands the situations of an operator in activating the service which should not take more than 48 hours after receiving the required application forms along with the documents. But this is far beyond the limit that BSNL team is dealing with their valuable customers day by day who doesn’t care and think that let them go to HELL and when they get the time and mood to visit or call they will...

    I am not sure whether this is going to reach any Higher authorities of BSNL to take necessary action and do the needful to prioritize the activation of the service. I am a customer of BSNL in my home since 20 to 25 years with the landline number 04734241953 and didn’t expect this experience from BSNL.

    Below details of the application
    Provided landline number 04742501559
    Application under the name of Mrs. Lailu Subair / Shyvi (not sure whose name the great agents of BSNL prepared the request since they didn’t provide them with any reference number)
    Location – Shibinu Manzil, Mukathala P.O, Kannalalloor, Kollam, Kerala
    Contact – 00918547855927 / 00919526178136

    Hoping to get a response to above complaint and resolve the issue ASAP

    Fida Akbar