Last updated: 08 August 2015
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BSNL Mobile Number Express Activation Process

BSNL has introduced Online Number Booking & Instant Activation, which is the first of its kind by any service provider in India as BSNL Mobile Number Express Activation to activate the selected mobile number immediately for which the customers is empowered to get his choice of mobile number, at a place and time, at his convenience without wasting his precious time.

In general what we do to apply for a new BSNL mobile connection. We have to go to BSNL office and ask for an application, then we have to fill it up and submit along ID and address proofs for that, where it will a maximum time of 1-2 days to activate. In the process you will be left with minimum time to select one of your favorite BSNL mobile number from the available numbers.
BSNL Mobile Number Online Booking / Instant Activation
To apply for this new connection in routine method, you have to send minimum half day of your working hours, which is a bit difficult in these days, where everybody are loaded with huge commitments. Can’t afford time for a a new mobile connection. To overcome this, BSNL has introduced BSNL Online Number Selection / Booking and Online filling of BSNL application, this is all we know already.

Now after BSNL introduced Express Activation to reduce the waiting time of the Customer is drastically, and the time taken for data entry by the BSNL Customer Service Center staff is totally eliminated. One constraint is you have to approach nearest BSNL centre for activation within 96 hours for General Number and within 48 hours for Fancy Number. After that stipulated time, your selected number may reverted back to BSNL Online and be available for others to select and have the process as below.

BSNL Mobile Number Express Activation process is as follows:
  • Book Your Number Online at BSNL CYMN Portal
  • A secret code is generated and sent to the customer's mobile no
  • Fills up the Application On-line their itself with accurate details as per the POI & POA with contact mobile number, e-mail id and Submit.
  • List of CSCs available is sent to customer's e-mail as submitted
  • Customer goes to any CSC of his choice at any time during the working hours of the CSC with in 72-96 hours and goes to the "EXPRESS COUNTER" and informs his "secret code"
  • The CSR retrieves his BSNL Mobile Online application, checks the Application form for its correctness and also verifies his Proof of Identity / Proof of Address. If everything is correct, a print-out of the application is taken and the Customer's signature is obtained & also his Photo is pasted.
  • BSNL Televerification is done immediately and the connection gets activated instantaneously with any BSNL Prepaid / Postpaid Plans available.
This online application facility gives you time as per your schedule and fill it up and select a number your are interested and take the necessary documents and just visit nearest BSNL office within mentioned time, and your number is activated on the same day. This is the beauty of BSNL.

This new concept has initially first launched at Chennai Telephones, where 4079 total Online Customer Acquisition Forms(CAFs) has generated and 3669 new connections are provided i.e 90% of the registrations have become new BSNL Mobile Connections instantly. So BSNL introduced this Expresss Activation concept immediately on PAN India basis and given instructions also to all their circles to implement this with in a short time.

BSNL Chennai circle had done a great job. Being a PSU, this much change over means. It has to be really appreciated, From now onwards, if you want to have a new BSNL Mobile Connection Prepaid / Postpaid, just book online and fill BSNL Online Application and get ita activated on the same day you submit with new launched BSNL Mobile Number Online Booking & Instant (Express) Activation concept to avail cheapest mobile tariff with your most required BSNL Mobile Plans.
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