Last updated: 07 August 2015
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BSNL Offers Best Call Forwarding STV for Prepaid Mobile Users

Are you suffering with NOMOPHOBIA, BSNL is trying to save you from effecting with widely spreading Phobia NOMOPHOBIA, by introducing best call Forwarding BSNL STV for all prepaid mobile users to get all incoming calls at any time with hassle free charges having long term validity.

NoMoPhobia is defined as fear of being without mobile. In general, why you fear of not having a mobile, when you’re mobile drains out or when you are at out of coverage area. For the first reason, you can have power banks, beyond power banks you will be out from the world, and if you are out of coverage area, you are out. In these moments there is a best option for mobile users i.e. Call Forwarding from BSNL, but this is on chargeable basis, which is very lowest.

BSNL came with a best option which will make you to think about call forwarding option. With a BSNL STV of Rs 72, you will be getting free call forwarding option for 90 days. Just to make you aware that, if you are in any critical assignment and you don’t want to miss any call, whatever may be the scenario? In that context, and you have opted for call forwarding facility, which is a free option, but it will charge you as per your plan for your mobile for calls routed to another number.

If you take an ordinary plan and forwarding minutes of around 10 to 15 minutes per day which will account you for 5 hours a month and will be charging of around Rs. 100 per month and of 3 months it will be Rs 300.

If you opt this BSNL STV Rs.72, for 90 days, Call Forwarding option from any BSNL Prepaid Mobile to any BSNL Landline or BSNL WLL phone will be free. This is a really good option that, you are getting Call forwarding option for Rs. 1 per day only.

In view of rationalization, PSU has revised the validity of 1GB BSNL 3G Data STV from existing 7 days to 5 days with effect from 06.08.2015 on PAN India basis. After that, BSNL has also introduced a new prepaid combo STV-24, which offers Talk value equal to MRP (with validity of 4 days) with 2 nights minutes free Local On-net (with validity of 4 days), but this new STV will be available to customers according with technical feasibility of the circle, which will be intimated to customers by that circle after the launch.
BSNL new prepaid voice STV / 3G STV for prepaid mobile
Apart from this revision of data stv and introduction of new voice stv, for a customer spending below Rs.1 per day for call forwarding is not a thing, and will never feel that you are out of coverage area by any means. Your are saved by BSNL from effecting with NoMoPhobia. Thanks for BSNL for its timely and precisely well planed plans in the form of STVs like this best Call Forwarding facility for all BSNL prepaid mobile users available at BSNL Online Recharge too.
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