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BSNL 3G Unlimited Internet Prepaid Mobile Data Plans

BSNL 3G Unlimited Internet Plans introduced newly for mobile data lovers. This time BSNL is trying to attract high 3G data usage consumers. Till date we used to search wired broadband plans for unlimited internet in market.

This unlimited wired broadband plans are to be used with FUP limit, which the plan speed reduced, after the limit reached. This time the same concept, we can see in newly launched BSNL 3G unlimited internet data plans ranging from Rs.351 to Rs.2399.

Previously, BSNL Unlimited 3G internet data STVs of Prepaid are offered as promotional offer in two circles only. Now this Unlimited 3G concept is extended for all BSNL Circles of North and South Zones as a regular tariff. Where it is available as an offer from 01.08.2016, by introducing new prepaid BSNL 3G unlimited internet plans for East zone circles.

BSNL strongly desires that, its line of business will be more of Data and its allied services only. So BSNL wants to participate in a big way, when it comes to Data Revolution in India. For the same BSNL participation in Digital India, its like a catalyst for the project.
BSNL 3G Unlimited Internet Prepaid Mobile Data Plans
BSNL is leading the Pride of Nation project National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN). The only public sector in entire gamut of telecom industry of India is BSNL, who is going in strategic way. So that it is pushing remote areas also to come under 3G Span.

With this, even remote area people are going to get high speed on activation of 3G data services and with cheapest BSNL 3G unlimited internet plans. Makes remote people also to avail all their requirements online at high speed.

To make people on its 3G band feel very good. PSU is going to offer the best, even with BSNL 3G unlimited internet data STV plans (STV 399, 629, 2399, 351, 451, 651, 751, 851, 951) having FUP limit in each unlimited 3G data tariff plan as follows.

BSNL 3G Unlimited Internet Prepaid Data Plans

BSNL 3G Data STV Price in Rs. Validity (in Days) Applicable for North and South Zone customers of FUL limit*
399* 30 Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Telangana and Haryana, Punjab, UP(East / West), Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu Kashmir, Uttaranchal 2GB
629* 30 3GB
2399* 60 16GB
109930 Special Plan with out speed restriction Not Applicable

BSNL Unlimited 3G Data Packs

STV Price in Rs.Applicable for East ZoneFUP limitValidity in Days
351*Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East1.5 GB
451*2.5 GB
651*5.5 GB
751*7 GB
851*8 GB
951*9 GB
1099 Unlimited data without speed limitNot Applicable 30
*Fair Usage Policy (FUP) = Post free usage browsing/download speed will be throttled to 80Kbps in all BSNL 3G unlimited internet packs. Operator also allows free mobile data usage available in each BSNL unlimited 3G internet plans, while in roaming across India.

So BSNL introducing best 3G data plans from time to time according with the users requirement. In this line only, PSU introduced these above BSNL 3G unlimited internet mobile prepaid data plans with reliable tariff.

So avail these unlimited plans through online as per your 3G data usage. Enjoy high speed wireless internet in your smartphone, iPhone or through USB dongles with these BSNL 3G unlimited internet prepaid mobile data plans from anywhere you are on the move.
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  1. The validity periods appear to be short and needs to be doubled to enable the customers to take full advantage of the volume of data allowed.

  2. BSNL is reliable,cheap and no hidden charges.Keep it up.

  3. for high volume usage its very costly their are many cheaper plans in broadband plans

  4. if 10GB unlimited plan is also provided after in between 3 gb and 16 gb, it willbe very good.

  5. can i recharge this plans to my 3g bsnl sim card?

  6. Its not at all cheaper...629/-Rs, 30 days validity...3GB data,,....after that speed will b cut down to 80Kbps...ha...ha...better go for ACT wifi.....675/-Rs. 20GB data...after that speed will b 128Kbps....unlimited..30days validity.

  7. BSNL doesn't want to attract new customer. Neither, it wants to retain existing customers. Private companies do offer better plans.

  8. Is 80kbps bandwidth or speed?

  9. Bsnl will be shut one 100% sure because of their poor marketing strategies, poor plan offers. I am using tate docomo 3g pack of rs 500/ and getting 2gb data for 50 days validity and also get rs 300 as account balance and bsnl is giving 2gb for 30 days in 399/-.

  10. It is unlimited plan .means after 2gb is over u an use it with speed of 80kbps unlimited

  11. Do this unlimited plan have good speed at daytime. I have activated it for 398 but it seems it is at full speed only after 12:00 am!!

  12. hello,
    Any one can suggest me, about BSNL Krishi plan (3G Internet Plan)

  13. Zindabad BSNL your 10GB for 549/- and UNLIMITED for 1099/- is awesome.. Haters will hate not matter what..