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BSNL Free Outgoing Calls in Roaming for Mobile

Roaming Free new STV Recharge is the new voucher for a frequent flyer to get BSNL Free Outgoing Calls in Roaming for Mobile, this new STV is suitable for the best, who bugged up with browsing for BSNL Roaming Plan?. BSNL understood its subscribers issue and came out with a much rationalized outgoing tariff for roaming customers under prepaid mobile services by launching a new Combo Special Tariff Voucher (STV) with BSNL Free Outgoing Calls in Roaming along with Free SMS.

After the launch of Free Roaming Facility across India in this 2015, millions of Indian mobile users are happy about BSNL Free Incoming Calls in Roaming. In a view to offer affordable services to their Roaming Users, Now BSNL comes up with a new idea to satisfy their users by introducing New Roaming STV (across PAN India) Combo Voucher 91 for Free Outgoing Calls as first time.
BSNL Roaming Free STV for Free Outgoing Calls
Now-a-days BSNL is doing a lot of things which are really making us to stop and look yet it. BSNL being a major PSU and leading telecom service provider, BSNL is offering its services in all verticals. Whether it can be a Landline, Landline + Broadband, Cell phone (Mobile) services, WLL services, Wi-Fi Hotspots, EVDO Services and there are special services for even corporate world (Recently BSNL introduces Best Group Calling Plan for Corporate / Enterprise Customers with cheapest tariff never offered) also, with all these we can expect BSNL is concentrating to grab the telecom market in all the ways.

With this new Special Tariff Voucher Recharge, prepaid mobile users are going to get BSNL Free Outgoing Calls in Roaming for Mobile at about 120 minutes and 40 free SMS for a validity period of 30 days to use at Roaming Areas (Other than Home Circle) in India as follows.
Particulars Combo Voucher 91 for Roaming Areas
MRP of Roaming Free Outgoing Call Special Tariff Voucher in Rs. (inclusive of S.Tax) Rs. 91 (+/-2)
Free O/G Voice Calls in Roaming 120 minutes for any network
Free SMS in Numbers in Roaming 40 SMS on any network
Validity 30 days

BSNL is becoming truly a Indian player with global standard’s. If you see the pace BSNL is disclosing its tariffs and plans making BSNL on bar with other service providers. At present, BSNL top rated and news breaking topic is Free National Roaming for all BSNL Mobile Plan users, which is really worth full for a customer, never offered by other in Indian Telecom History.
    These facilities are really attracted millions of customers across the country. In the same line BSNL has introduced this rationalized outgoing roaming tariff also under prepaid mobile services by introducing the above mentioned new Roaming STV for Free Outgoing Voice Calls and SMS.

    This newly launched STV Recharge to get BSNL Free Outgoing Calls in Roaming for Mobile is really a worth full prepaid roaming plan, which you have to consider at any time, which will vouch for it by getting Free Outgoing Calls even in Roaming Areas, where this newly launched special tariff combo voucher is going to hit the market and available in all BSNL circles applicable for all prepaid mobile users across India with effect from 03.08.2015 providing free mobile calls and sms in Roaming.
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    1. Amazing STV launched by BSNL its a great offer.

    2. It's great but is there any unlimited night calling pack in prepaid bsnl to bsnl gujarat ?????
      Anyone can suggest m. ....

    3. But unfortunately, BSNL has disappointed us as follows:
      (1) They took out a Pyari Jodi scheme, and within a month they changed the services thro' back door (meaning without notice or info)
      (2) They started 1% rebate in internet payment of Tele-Bills. But when the public really liked the idea, they withdrew it again thro' back door.
      (3) One Broadband combo plan promises 512 Kbps speed, which one never gets.
      (4) On 1st May, they announced free night surfing which was changed thro' back door.
      (5) Our Service Tax started wef from 1st June, but they charged this on May Bill.
      (6) They started free roaming - but that is only for receiving. For roaming dialing they charge double.
      (7) Today they sent an sms telling today is the last day for registering free SMS - send Hi to 54000. But I don't trust this because of the above reasons. It may be a Hoax. Thanks!

      1. Service tax is not decided by BSNL, it will be by GOI on every product.
        Roaming Free means incoming calls only Free, this is fair, No other operators are not offering free roaming(free incoming in roaming areas) even as on date.
        BSNL didn't hikes outgoing tariff for roaming, it is as old only, check the old tariff too

      2. what you told is right. is there any benefit to the bsnl customers where there is no tower coverage (bangalore city koramangala, hsr layout, madivala etc.) many people have reported such status in hydrabad, mumbai cities also. many announcements bsnl are seems to fake.
        it is not understandable why people compare bsnl with other pvt service providers. bsnl is a public company run by public money. the central govt have given funds for bsnl.
        will they compare the salaries of the bsnl staff with that of pvt sector service providers?

    4. Free outgoing calls while roaming on Rs91 STV is limited to 120 minutes. Even without this offer, calls for Rs 91 @ 80 ps a minute does not look attractive. Without this STV , the charges for 120 minutes - 120x80 =Rs 96. 00. The gain is Rs 4 and 40 SMS. Not so beneficial. If rates are reduced to home circle rates, while on roaming that will do some justice to the subscribers.

      1. This is not true, because normal BSNL outgoing call charges from Roaming is Rs.1.15 per minute. so for STV91, you get 120x1.15=Rs138,so any one will gets Rs 47 benefit with each BSNL Roaming STV 91, so it is beneficial.

      2. my sim has outgoing at 80ps per min in roaming.

    5. i have a bsnl number of up-west region and 1 of haryana region.. can it b possible to get the stv343 working between these two, even when these numbers are from different circles..??

    6. Why there is no plan for Postpaid Customers to use temporary internet while in roaming??
      Also why it is not possible to activate or deactivate any Internet Plan Online for Post paid Mobile users of BSNL

    7. I want outgoing roaming free.only normal call charge apply.not extra roaming charge.

    8. Will the student plan of Rs-118 work in Roaming?? Give any anyone suggestion.