Last updated: 23 July 2015
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BSNL Launches FiberNet ONT with BB WiFi Modem on Rental

BSNL announced the launch of new Introduction of monthly rental charges for Fiber Net (FTTH ) ONT along with ADSL WiFi Modem taken on rental basis to BSNL customers, who requires to avail Wi-Fi facility on Fiber to the Home Broadband connection.

BSNL FTTH ONT(Optical Network Termination) converts Fiber Optic Light Signals to Copper/Electric Signal, and the fibre connectivity supports video with ultra high speed internet having unlimited bandwidth, provides fixed access to deliver the high speed Broadband services from 256 Kbps to 100 Mbps.
BSNL FiberNet ONT with Broadband WiFi Modem on Rental
Telecom Major BSNL announced the introduction of Outright Purchase / Rental Payment Option for FTTH ONT(Optical Network Termination) equipment with Warranty, and ADSL WiFi Modem on Fiber-net ONTs to avail WiFi facility with high speed internet.
Now, BSNL has introduced a new offer to avail high speed Internet with Wi-Fi Facility on Fiber-Net Broadband services with discounted charges as follows.
  • BSNL Offers FTTH ONT along with ADSL WiFi modem on rental basis @ Rs. 200/- per month for Fiber net customers, who wants to avail WiFi facility on FTTH Broadband connection.
  • Total refundable security deposit (for FTTH ONT along with ADSL WiFi modem on rental basis) shall be only Rs. 1500/-.
  • BSNL FTTH Customers, who do not require Wi-Fi facility on FTTH BB connections, FTTH ONT on rent (along with refundable security deposit) shall be available as per existing tariffs as mentioned above.
This newly introduced BSNL FTTH ONT along with Broadband WiFi Modem on Rental basis shall be applicable to all the fiber net customers to avail BSNL High Speed Internet with effect from 01.08.2015 in all the BSNL Services areas across India according with feasibility for BSNL FiberNet.
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  1. Do you think ont can work with wifi adsl modem?be cause sometimes when you don't get internet on devices it is difficult to set it right.wifi routers are best suited for this

    1. ONT is only a media converter, and WiFi router gives us wireless internet, so your must use the wireless router and check only the router if internet is not in your devices

  2. Bsnl charging monthly rental for ftth modems whileprivate operators are giving it for free..and bsnl must have seperate data plans so that a person having a wired landline connection does not want a new connection and people no more want phone telephone connection. And data only ftth modems are cheap.