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BSNL AMULYA new Mobile Plan at 20 ps/min calling

BSNL AMULYA new prepaid mobile plan with attractive tariff at 20 paise / minute calling launched by BSNL AP Circle under GSM mobile services, having 1 Paise per second for day calling and 20Ps/Minute night calling tariff, along with Free Mobile Roaming and Regular Full talktime Offer.

On First hand BSNL AP Circle makes their Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Mobile Users to feel good, and also encourages to be local of that state, by introducing the exclusive offers from time to time with lowest call charges according with the mobile user requirements.

This newly launched BSNL AMULYA Prepaid Plan will be allowed only for new customers at this first introduction. Where migration to this plan for existing customers will not be allowed at this time. In this present mobile market, BSNL Amulya Prepaid Plan will offers Cheapest Mobile tariff as on date.
BSNL AMULYA Prepaid Mobile Plan for AP Telangana
In this new BSNL AMULYA Prepaid Plan, BSNL AP and Telangana mobile users will get Free Talktime and Free Data for a period of three months from the date of activation, and full talktime offers at any time with out waiting for promotional offers on recharge with TOPUP 200 and above as per Prepaid Mobile Plan "BSNL AMULYA" Tariff mentioned below.

Name of the Plan AMULYA
SIM Cost Normal-Rs.20, 64/128K-Rs.59, 256K-Rs.200
FRC (First Recharge Voucher) Rs.51
Validity 180 Days
Freebies Offered with First Activation
Voice Calls 1200 Seconds any Network Free per month for first 3 Months
Free Mobile Data 2G 50 MB Free Data per month for first 3 Months
Mobile Voice Call / SMS Charges
Local / STD Call Charges 1 Ps / Second to any Network in India
Local / STD SMS Charges 40 Paise / SMS to any Network
ISD SMS Rs.5 per SMS
Local / STD Video Call Rs. 4 paise / second to any Network
Mobile Roaming Charges
Local Any Network Rs. 0.80 / Minute
STD any N/W Rs. 1.15 / Minute
SMS Rs. 0.25 for Own N/W and Rs. 0.35 for Other N/W per message
Additional Special Facilities Offered
Night Calling from 9 PM to 7 AM, Call Charges at 25 Paise / Minute for all Local/STD of any Network
Regular Full Talk Time Offer on TOP UP Rs.200 to Rs.1100, Rs.1500, 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000.
Free Incoming Calls while in National Roaming across India
STV Recharge Applicability All BSNL Special Tariff Vouchers (SMS / Voice / Data) Allowed

BSNL AP circle has recently introduced a new facility i.e. extension of Lifetime Plans validity by 180 days through recharge of STVs of MRP Rs.200 and above for customers under prepaid mobile services, and the mobile customers has to recharge with Rs.51 for extension of BSNL Amulya Plan Validity before / after the expiry date of the account to be continued in active status.

On introduction of this new BSNL AMULYA scheme, AP Circle strongly desires to increase the SIM activations by 2.5 times from existing activations to make this new AMULYA prepaid plan as a regular offer in addition to the existing below plans.
So AP / Telangana new prepaid mobile customers including new Port In ( MNP ) users, can now have a chance to get a new prepaid connection with new mobile scheme BSNL AMULYA to enjoy the best and cheapest tariff plan with Full Talktime and Night Calling with Free Roaming at any time under mobile services, and this new promotional plan will be available for a period upto 31.03.2016. So new mobile customers(including MNP) of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, its time to join with new mobile plan BSNL AMULYA to enjoy 20 ps/min night calling.
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  1. I am an old subscriber with number 9440058039.
    I want to migrate to AMULYA PLAN with this number.
    So many members are waiting to migrate to AMULYA PLAN with their own number.
    Please give a chance to migrate to AMULYA PLAN.
    Thank you.

    1. switch thru mnp to some other network for three months and come back to bsnl and get amulya as a new customer.

  2. so what after the 51 recharge for 180 days?
    is it continued by 51 for every 180 days?

    1. Yes. Once you validity time is expired you can recharge 51 rupees

  3. Is there fnf facility for amulya plan.Please reply.

    1. there is no Friends and Family (FnF) facility in Amulya Plan, but allows lowest call charges at 25ps per minute to all networks in India during 9PM to 7AM, which is the best offer by BSNL than FnF facility.

  4. will 25p/m calling works at roaming in night time?

    1. In Roaming, offers will not work in any plan, Outgoing call charges in Roaming will be charged as normal and incoming calls are free

  5. What after your 1200 secs per month gets over??

  6. What after 180 days validity is over?

  7. what is Gp1 and Gp2?

  8. Iam taken amulya new sim. After how many hours I can recharge 51 ruppes.vasant kumar

  9. Currently I am using amulya plan and its inactive now whether I have to recharge with specifically 51 or whether it does not matter even if I recharge with 100

  10. will get freebies at second recharge for extension of validity with rs 51

  11. i am aslo bsnl customer , my plan is nestham ,mobile no :9492602095

    Please give me chance to migrate the amulya plan.

  12. now amulya plan is there or expired?

  13. I bought a new Sim for free. It is activated today. Can I recharge with 51 and get converted to amulya??

  14. If my validity extended again 50 mb internet again free for 3 months

  15. Im using AMULYA plan..I want to change to NESTHAM plan..How canI?

  16. I have just purchased amulya sim.validity 180 days given. How can i continue for lifetime sir?

  17. Amulya plan has completed what to do for again continuing