Last updated: 11 June 2015
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BSNL 100Mbps Internet Plan with 200GB FUP Limit - New Launch

Telecom Major, the best broadband service provider, BSNL launched new broadband plans at lowest monthly rates for BSNL Hyderabad Broadband Customers and extended to Medak Area with high speed unlimited internet connectivity at 100 Mbps Speed having 200GB FUP Limit by offering upgraded BSNL Mail Account (Free Email ID) of BSNL with unlimited free night calling.

At this time to compete with private operators (Cable & Fiber technology) strongly, BSNL has now introduced 2 types of DSL broadband plans (BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1295 VDSL CS57,BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1895 VDSL CS58) which offers 16Mbps bandwidth, along with 2 types of Fiber Broadband plans(Fibro Combo ULD 2495 CS22, Fibro Combo ULD 2790 CS23) allows 100 Mbps download speed by allowing high data usage FUP limit.

With this new introduction, BSNL provides reliable broadband services for Hyderabad and Medak Area Internet Users with high speed to view high definition television channels also at any time. These new Plans will also allows Static IP address on request with extra charges applicability as follows.
BSNL 16 - 100 Mbps Broadband Plans for Hyderabad
The existing security deposit of one month rental charges and one month minimum hire period will be applicable for these plans, by allowing one month rental discount on advance payment for one year subscription. BSNL allows the most required Unlimited BSNL Night Free Calling facility between 9PM to 7AM in these Broadband Plans also, and after this time, all the calls will be charged at Rs.1 for own network and Rs.1.2 for other n/w.

BSNL Hyderabad Broadband Plan Customers, who are already subscribed with any other broadband plans can now have a facility to migrate to this new BSNL VDSL / Fiber Broadband Plans, and Medak customers only for Fibro Broadband Plans as above according with technical feasibility in the said period.

This new VDSL / Fiber BSNL Broadband Plans are true value Broadband Plans for customers who requires ultra speed internet connectivity at cheapest prices offered. Hyderabad ustomers who want to apply for this new VDSL/Fiber Broadband Connection and Medak Internet users who requires Fiber Internet can now have a new facility to Apply Online BSNL Broadband with latest high speed BSNL Internet Plans.

This new plans(VDSL / Fiber) upto 100 Mbps Speed having 200GB FUP Limit will be available as a promotional offer with effect from 10th June 2015 to 7th September 2015 for Hyderabad Area, and for Medak area, BSNL 100Mbps Fiber Internet Plan with 200GB FUP Limit will be available from 14.08.15 to 01.10.15.
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  1. All plans for only Karnataka and Hyderabad only no high speed plan for our west bengal . I am paying 3150/- per month but getting only 3.1 mbps speed. but my committed speed is 4 mbps. i never get 4 mbps speed. please think about our west bengal so that we can also enjoy high speed internet within this price. Here is also bsnl has so many customer of broadband and mobile. but no such tariff for our Bengal.

  2. what happend to tamil nadu . here also very slow. please do consider this state also.

    1. Until ACT FiberNet comes to Tamilnadu , BSNL won't introduce such packs in TamilNadu.

  3. what about uttrakhand ,when tis will be available here