Last updated: 18 June 2015
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BSNL 4G Level WiFi Hotspots, Next Game Changer for BSNL

BSNL is gaining reviving pace with all new technogloies like 4G Level WiFi Hotspots, NGN etc.., Yes it seems to be true. The latest plans which BSNL had launched is creating a buzz among telecom sector i.e. BSNL Free Night calling facility. In addition to that, BSNL Roaming Free across the country are really doing great and are yielding the intention for which they have been launched.

To offer best services for Data Consumers, BSNL is going to spread 4G level 40,000 BSNL WiFi Hotspots across India, which is set to complete by 2018. Already 200 Wi Fi hot spots are installed across India in various locations. Furthermore Right from PM to BSNL Employee are working to revive BSNL.

One the day of charge taken by Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad, told he is very much interested to revive BSNL. Till date he pursued a lot more when compared to his successors. He works with stats rather than GO’s.. Hmm , the same as our PM works. Even Modiji a couple of days back had a meeting with Telecom minister and also with BSNL top management, to know the direction and dimension of the BSNL revival plan. Modiji wanted a detailed presentation on BSNL issues and relative correction measures and also with clear road map.
BSNL 4G Level Wi Fi Hotspots at Tajmahal Agra with Free WiFI
Apart from the managerial commitments, if we come to the actuals, how BSNL is working. BSNL is adding new landline connections more than expected after the launch of BSNL Free Night Calling Facility. At an average more than 2200 customers are joining a month BSNL after the new scheme. This is at landline level, after the release of BSNL Roaming Free across PAN India, BSNL targets retaining the customer with in the network when he is in roaming and also attracting new customers.

This is also one of the best plans across all operators. BSNL is coming out of its monotonous PSU mind-set and is all set to adopt revenue margin with respect to subscriber count, rather than customer to customer, this is really a best practical model for BSNL type of company.

Yesterday, our Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji has inaugurated BSNL WiFi hotspots at our world's 7th wonder "TajMahal" which is known as Symbol of Love. Furthermore BSNL is overhauling entire UP network base. UP exchanges are going to be geared with Next Generation Network (Packet Switching/IP based exchanges). BSNL 3G Facility is going to be extended more than 15 towns and also with 3G equipment upgrade, existing users are going to taste best BSNL 3G speeds. Even the secondary Switching Areas of UP are going to have new 2G equipment’s.

In National Optical Fiber Network Phase-I approximately 14000 village Panchayats covering 30000 villages are going to have fiber network and also in only 141 BSNL WiFi Hotspots are coming to establish. This is what the commitment we all expect to have among Government, Ministry, BSNL Top Management and mainly among Unions. Coming on to one platform will really help BSNL to revive.

The plan to use BSNL WiFi hotspot is also tempting, and the tariff for using BSNL WiFi Hotspot is like this, First 30 Minutes is absolutely Free with in a period of 24 hours. You can have the Free 30 minutes per day for three times in a month. If you still want to access 100 Mbps of BSNL WiFi Connection you just have to pay Rs 30, Rs 50, Rs 90 and Rs. 150 for a validity of 30 min, 60 min, 120 minutes, and for a Day of 24 Hours.

As part of implementation of new technologies and BSNL exchanges modernization, BSNL is going to establish 40,000 BSNL WiFi hotspots across India by 2018. By this year end BSNL is going to add 2,500 WiFi hotspots at 250 locations in which already 200 BSNL WiFi Hotspots are installed, and these BSNL 4G Level WiFi Hotspots will boost the data market and this will surely the next Game Changer for BSNL.
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